The Way I Love You // Niam Horayne

Niall Horan is a normal boy, but he likes to be alone reading a good book or writing something.
He never liked going to party's and all that stuff.. He likes to be home, but the last couple months he doesn't want to be home anymore. His parents fight all the time, so now he sits at the library all the time.
Liam Payne loves to act, it's a part of his life and he will never do anything else.
Liam's dad passed away 5 years ago, and he isn't over it yet..
He has some crazy friends like Zayn Malik and Even Nash from Australia!
Liam and Niall meet accidentally and they both have a strange feeling afterwards...
But they are both straight...?
Read too find out!


4. Part 3 → Yup, party it is!




Yesterday I fell asleep very late, I couldn't sleep.

I was thinking about that “brother” I have...


Maybe I should ask my mom about it, I hope she will tell me something.

Because I can't handle it anymore.


It's now about 7AM and I'm ready for school.

I walk downstairs and my mom is sitting on the table, my dad is already gone, like always.


'Good morning, Niall. Had a nice sleep?'


'Morning mom, yeah'


I sit down and take an apple, should I ask her now?


Maybe I should, because after school I'm going to the library.


'Uhm mom?'


I ask




Should I? Should I not?


'Uhm, never mind. I have to go'


'You sure, sweetheart?'


'yeah, mom'


'Are you coming home after school?'


'uhm, not really. I was planing to go to the library.'


'Again? You are always there aren't you?'


'Not always, I have school. And at night I am here'


I lie.


'Are you dating the girl from the library maybe?'


'What? No! Mom! She's like 32 or something!'


'Oh, okay sweetheart.' she laughs


'Be back in time, okay?'




I say and walk away.


'Bye mom'


I yell and close the door.


What? Me dating Helen? God, she is nice and all but not my time at all.

And again she is 32!


I try to wipe the thoughts away, and walk to school.



The first hour is Math, please help me!

I suck at it!


Who came with the thought to bring in letters in it?


I love English.


I have it the last hour of the day.


I see Harry, and he waves at me.


He's like my “friend” the only one I have but yeah.


'Hey Nailler!'


'Hey Haz'


'How are you?'


'Ow, just fine I think'


'Still the same at home?'




I say not wanting to say more,


'And with you?'


'My sister is moving to her apartment, this weekend'


'Oh, nice a house without sister then'


'Yup, the house for me alone and my parents of course'


Harry is kind but he talks a lot, I couldn't even talk that much on a day.


Why would I?


And than the bell rings,


'See you later, Niall. I have Spanish'


'See U later.'


I say and start walking to Math.


Miss Carter is already waiting on us.

She is pretty, I have to say but not my type of girl.


'Good morning Niall!'


'Good morning miss'



The hour went extremely slow, just like this day.


It's now the last hour and I am happy about that, I hate that this hour is going to be extremely quick.




For English I have a guy his name is Mister Anderson

he's quite fit, I have to say.


I don't know why I say that but it is.


When the bell rings I feel bad again, should I go home like mom wants are just going to the library like I was going to?

I will see later.


I pack my things slowly, I'm one of the last.


I want to walk outside and I greet mister Anderson.


'See you Monday, sir'


I say and when I want to leave the classroom

I hear the teacher screaming my name.




I run back inside,


'Yeah? Did I do something bad? I'm sorry, I can...'


'No, you didn't! I just thought of something. There is a writing contest in March and I thought it was something for you? There are amazing prices to win!'


'Uhm, how do you know you write?'


I ask first of all.


'my colleagues told me you write in their lesson all the time so I thought something like that'


'owh, and you just have to write something, a little story or a big story?'


'Yeah, just write a little story of you're own choice.'


'Looks good to me, you can write me in!'


I say happy.


'Nice to hear Niall, you can have great prices. Like an Ipod 5 and 100 dollar on Itunes, things like that'


'Okay, thank you very much'


'Not a problem'


'See you tomorrow, Sir'


'goodbye Niall'

he says


And I walk out of class.


What an honor he asks it to me, I'm going to sent my little story of that pregnant girl.

I think that's a good one.


I'm going to sent a text to my mom, saying I'm going to the library , I will not be able to handle it at home.


To mom; Hey mom, I'm going to the library. You don't have to make food for me, I will get something for myself.

I don't know what hour I'm going to be home, I'll be safe.

-Niall xx.


I have to say that I will be safe or she will call the cops and all that.

And I hate that, now I always have to sent a text where I am going to eat or where I am.


That's why I don't tell I'm going to the library after school. She always thinks I'm on my room, but I don't do that anymore!

I hear to much, all the things they say. And I'm getting tired of it.


God bless the library, I'm probably going to Nandos after the library.

I love Nandos!


I'm almost at the library when I get a text back.


I check my phone, but it's not mom like I expected.


It's a big message from Harry.


From Hazzz; Heeeyy people, a big party at Louis' Tomlinson's house! Thompson Road 547 ! Be there at 8PM!

Sent this message too all your friends, family, dogs,contacts!

Don't care, it has too be big!

The party of the year!

With lots of food, alcohol and of course boys and girls!

I'll see u there!

Don't forget to bring your swimming suit! ;)



A party at Louis' house, nice.

Harry will have an hangover tomorrow.


I text back:


To Hazzz: Hey man! Have fun, tonight! And please don't drink too much :p



I walk inside the library and I drop the sound of my phone and put it in my pocket.


'Hey Helen, how are you?'

'Hey Niall, I'm fine. Lots of work today.'

she says

scanning my library card.


'That's good for the library! Till what hour are you open today?'


'Uhm, 9PM I think. I will be open, till you want to go home.'


'that's nice, Helen. But I'm going to Nandos after the library, so maybe I'll be a little earlier today'


'Aren't you going to The Tomlinson Party?'


'It has a name already? But no, you know I don't go to parties and especially not alone!'


'I bet there are plenty of girls that want to go to that party with you!'


'Well bad luck, because I'm not going'


'You are one of a kind, Niall.' she says when she gives me my card back.


'I know, Helen, I know'

I say laughing,

She laughing with me.


There aren't much people anymore, but on the computer a couple.


When I sit down, I take my phone and see I have 2 texts


1 from, and 1 from Harry.



From mom: Hey Niall, okay. But not later than 2AM okay? And if you're home and I'm not it is because I'm going out with some friends of my school time. And be careful? Okay, love you! -mom xx


I'm not going to answer that anymore, she will be happy she is out for once, away from the problems.

I love my mom.


From Hazzz: Maaan!! Why don't you come with me? It will be fun! I promise! And there will be so many hot girls, and you can drink once you know? You will forget you're problems for once?Please? -Haz


Guyss!! I don't want to? Harry is going to drink, and there are going to be lots of people I don't know. But he has right maybe I will forget my problems for once, but I still don't know..

I will think about it, maybe getting drunk is my only solution...


To Hazzz: I don't know, Harry. You will be getting drunk and I'm going to sit there with much people, I don't know... But maybe you are right about “forgetting my problems”

I will think about it okay? I'm going to Nandos anyway. I can decide after that.

I'm in the library now, so. -Niall


Maybe I'm making a mistake, thinking about going to that party. Maybe not. It will be the first time I'm going to a big party, I've been to parties but other parties. Business parties, I hate those!


The buzzer from my phone is going of and I received a text back.





From Hazzz: That's cool! Finely a party with you!! And maybe I can go with you to Nandos b4 the party? I'll meet you at your house! Okay? -Haz


I have no change anymore, I have to go.

But I have to get ready, so I'm going home right now.

God Harry, you are a bad influence on me!


I get up, and walk to the desk again.


'Niall? Already going away?'

Helen says


'Yeah, sorry Helen. Harry begged me to go to that party, so I said yes and I need to get dressed and than going to Nandos. So I don't have much time anymore..'


'I'm glad you are going!'


I don't answer but I smile..


'See u later Helen!' I say and walk outside.


To Hazzz: Okaay, I'm outside the library and I'm going home to get ready. You got me! Be at 6 PM with me okay?

See u later! -Niall x


A couple seconds later, I get a text with only “Yaaaaay” in it.

I think he's happy, and you know what.


I'm happy too, I think.



A/N: heeyy guys! What do you think about this?

Let me know!

Love you lots!


Yasmine -xx










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