The Way I Love You // Niam Horayne

Niall Horan is a normal boy, but he likes to be alone reading a good book or writing something.
He never liked going to party's and all that stuff.. He likes to be home, but the last couple months he doesn't want to be home anymore. His parents fight all the time, so now he sits at the library all the time.
Liam Payne loves to act, it's a part of his life and he will never do anything else.
Liam's dad passed away 5 years ago, and he isn't over it yet..
He has some crazy friends like Zayn Malik and Even Nash from Australia!
Liam and Niall meet accidentally and they both have a strange feeling afterwards...
But they are both straight...?
Read too find out!


21. Part 17 → It's all about the future



'How is Gemma at home mom?'

'Well good, she has a lot work for school and all that stuff'

'Yeah, I understand. I hope I see her soon though.'

'It isn't long anymore, and than you can come home'

my mom smiles at me.


'Finely, because I don't like the smell of hospitals.'

Louis Jokes.


'You know that Lauren, from school.? She is 4 months pregnant?!'

Louis almost yells

'Gosh, you're kidding?!'

'No, she told her class yesterday.'

'How old is she?!'

'17, I think'


'Lou, you need to know the newest gossip'

'What now?'

'I bet Liam and Niall are together'

'What, how do you know'

'Niall was here last time and he talked about Liam. After that he left he would be seeing him. I think you also know what happened there'

I wink at Louis


'Is Niall also for the men?'

'Uhm, yeah mom. I think so'

'Never thought of him in that way'

she says and goes back to reading her magazine.

'No, they didn't' Louis says

'I bet they did. I swear they are going to be together any minute now'

'Well, I'm happy for them than'


'Yeah, me too'

'I hope they can be together as we are already'

he says.

'We are together for quit a while aren't we'

I laugh

'You aren't gonna lose me, Styles'

he says

'I know, and I don't want to lose you, Tomlinson'

'That's sweet of you'

'Well, yeah I love you so'

'I love you too'

'We are going to be together till we're gray and old. We both have a rocking chair and we will talk really slow'

'But first, we are gonna life together and have a nice home. With pets and maybe sometime children'

'I would love to have kids with you, Lou'

I say.


'Well guys, I think I'm heading home. You won't miss me.'

she laughs.

'See u tomorrow mom'

I say while kissing her cheek.


'See you later, Anne'

'Bye. Oh! And say good luck from me to Niall'

'We will mom, see you soon!'


Me and Louis talked about some more future stuff and they he also went home.

I can't image in life without him, to be honest.

I don't know what I need to do then.

I'm happy I have him.

He's the best thing that ever has come over me.

I just love him. 

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