The Way I Love You // Niam Horayne

Niall Horan is a normal boy, but he likes to be alone reading a good book or writing something.
He never liked going to party's and all that stuff.. He likes to be home, but the last couple months he doesn't want to be home anymore. His parents fight all the time, so now he sits at the library all the time.
Liam Payne loves to act, it's a part of his life and he will never do anything else.
Liam's dad passed away 5 years ago, and he isn't over it yet..
He has some crazy friends like Zayn Malik and Even Nash from Australia!
Liam and Niall meet accidentally and they both have a strange feeling afterwards...
But they are both straight...?
Read too find out!


20. Part 16 → Are you sure?



That truly was the best night of my whole life.

Niall is really the best thing that I have ever had.

He was so fragile but also so dominant yesterday.

And the more he tries to be a bad boy, how more I love him.

He's laying next to me in bed, but he's still sleeping.

My hand goes soft through his dyed blond hair.


'Liam, can you please stop that?'

he says with his hot morning voice.

Niall's not really a morning person, I noticed before.

I slowly get out of bed and put some sweatpants on, I go downstairs to see if my mom is already awake.

And yeah, I can tell by the smell in the kitchen.


'Hey mom, what are you doing?'

'Hey love, had a nice sleep?' she asks with a smile.

'Yeah, I had. Thanks'

'Is Niall still asleep?'

'Umh yeah, sorry he fell asleep in my bed.'

'Nothing to worry about, I don't care if someone stays over. And I like Niall'


Yeah me too mom, me too.

'So is it alright if he stays some more? We would like to go to Nandos this evening and just watch some movies'

'Yeah ofcourse love, nice to know. I don't have too cook.

Maybe I'm going out too, I will call Veronica if she has something too do'

'You need to do what pleases you mom'

I say and walk upstairs again.


When I enter my room, Niall is sitting on my bed.

'You are leaving me here all alone? After our first time?'

he laughs at me.

'Be silence, or my mom will hear you!'

'I hope she didn't heard us yesterday, that would be embarrassing.'

'she didn't said anything about it, though'

'Like she would' he laughs at me.

He stands up and leans closer to me

Our lips touch and we kiss passionately.


'I told my mom you were staying again, and that we are going to Nandos this evening.'

'Good for me'

he smiles.

'I love you'

'I love you more'


That evening


'You are eating like a pig'

I laugh at Niall

'At least I'm a cute pig'

he winks back

'Niall, I was thinking.'


'Are we like together now?'

He stops eating for a moment and looks at me.

'Do you want to?'

'Yeah, I would love that'

I say back

'Yeah, me too'

he smiles.

'Niall Horan, would you like to be my boyfriend?'

'Yes I would love too'

'Kiss me'

I say and he leans over the table too peck my lips.


'What about coming out?' he says

'I want to show the world my cute boyfriend'

'yeah, I want to come out too'

he laughs because I was being too cheesy.

'We're doing this together'

I say

'Always' he smiles back at me.

'We start with my mom'

I almost yell.

'She will understand us, or say that you don't need to yell as loud anymore when you come'

he bursts out laughing.


Yeah, that's why I love him. 

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