One Night

This is a One Direction Fanfiction. You are the main character in this novel.

Basically, about two months ago, you went to a party with a group of friends and there was alcohol. you were drinking and hooked up with Niall Horan. Now youre going to their concert in Dallas, TX, and he spots you. What will happen?


1. Todays the Day

     Tonight is the night that I've been looking forward too since December. Tonight is the One Direction concert. I've been counting down the days for so long, and now it's really happening. I just want to cry.

     I took a shower, slipped on my black leggings and white tee, and white converse. I straightened my bleach blonde hair and put on a little bit of make up. It was only 2:27 and the concert started at 7:30. I lived at an hour and a half from the stadium, so I just laid in my room and scrolled through twitter as I waited.

     As I was looking at the boys tweets I saw one that kind of stood out..


          I have a feeling that tonight, a lucky fan will get to spend time with us tonight after the show. Who will it be?(;

     My heart stopped. I became super excited, but then I remembered. The night we hooked up. "That's probably all he wants," I thought, "a girl he can fuck the daylights out of." I looked at the time, and it was about 4:30. I went ahead and got in my car, and started heading that way. Since I only have my license, my parents think one of my friends is going, and her parents are taking us, but I'm a good driver, and my friends hate One Direction.

      As I was heading up to Dallas, I was blaring One Direction music. Some cars would give me annoyed looks, while others had 12 year old girls sticking their heads out the window singing along. I didn't really care. I just kept driving, and tried to calm myself down.

     When I saw the stadium, my hands got all sweaty and my heart started to beat faster. I paid for the $45 parking, and found my spot. I walked over to a booth, bought a tee, and started heading inside. I scanned my tickets, and walked inside. The stadium was beautiful. Everything was kept so clean. The lights sparkled on the cold, tile floor. Good vibes were filling the room. It was all so relaxing.

     I grabbed a bite to eat before heading into the stadium, and finding my section. I had front row seats, and the place wasn't that frantic, so it wouldn't be hard to find my seat. Heading down to my section, I started hearing little girls screaming and crying, because they spotted someone who looked like Louis, but it was just another fan. poor girl.

      As I was waiting for the concert to start, Jamie Scott came out and sang a couple of his songs. "Why isn't this guy a superstar", I wondered, "He has a beautiful voice." After he finished, they played a couple of commercials, and then all of a sudden, the lights went out. Smoke came from off the stage, and spotlight lights shined on the stage. Five boys came walking out and started singing Midnight Memories. Everyone started screaming and jumping. My heart has already exploded.


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