Me and michael clifford 2


2. The time we almost broke up

I was getting ready for me Mikey's 100 date. when I got a text from Mike saying "hey babe I'm really sorry I'm going to be late for our date I promise I won't be too late" "Okay babe love you"I replied to Mikey and headed off to The restaurant expecting Mikey to be there in a few minutes. Three hours past Mikey still didn't show up so I went to his place to see what the hell happened. I found Mikey passed out on the couch "what the hell Mikey you're supposed to meet me there three hours ago!"Michael didn't respond "Michael Gordon Clifford get up right now or I am ending this relationship right now! "I still got nothing out of Mikey I was about to leave the house when Harry came from down the Paul. "Don't break up with him don't go Mikey got overheated at the recording studio passed out I carried him back to his place and put him on the couch. It's not his fault he kept telling me how he needed to get to the restaurant and how he need to get there ASAP. He loves you very much and you love him too I can see in your eyes. I need to get home there's a lot of need to do before Niall Zayn and Louis get to my place. Text me when Michael wakes up I'll talk to you later "Harry said while walking out the door "see you later and thanks for clearing this up I was swore I was going to break up with him but now I feel like a jerk anyway thanks bye" I walk over to Michael and lay down next to him on the couch and just snuggled him until he woke up which lasted an hour and a half. Michael woke up and Huged me even tighter. "Babe I'm sorry missed the date I told Harry if you get to my place to explain everything I bet he did. I love you." Michael said then pecking me on the lips "I love you too now let's get some rest. It's 3 AM." I said moving in closer to Michael and then quickly falling asleep next to him.

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