Me and michael clifford 2


3. our first fight

Okay my and Michael's fight was very very stupid. Me and him are playing Mario kart and me and him were basically neck and neck I was 1 cm in front of him and I won. He thought he won and he threw my game Consol onto the ground and it broke. I screamed "OMG MICHAEL WTF THAT COST ME $300" Michael quickly snapped back at me saying "NO IT DIDNT AND I WON FAIR AND SQUARE YOU CHEATED!" All the sudden Harry came in and said "yo what's going on?" I said "I beat Michael and he overreacted and broke my $300 game console and he keeps saying he won and I cheated when I clearly didn't!" Harry cut me off there and said " look Schuyler I'll buy you one of the consul and don't even say no you got it I do and as for Michael she beat you obviously I was sitting watching you guys she beat you by 1 cm I know it's tough to say that your girlfriend beat you but you got to let it happen sometimes. " "sorry babe I guess I did overreact you know how I get about my video games" Michael said to me "it's fine babe I love you" I said to Michael than kissing him on the cheek.

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