Strange Addiction

Ariana Grande has it all. Her career is just getting started but she's already huge. She meets new people along her way. Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. She doesn't expect to have a strange sensation when she meets them. She can't help but crave them. Will they want her too? Who will she end up with? What sensations does she have? Find out in Strange Addiction..


2. Chapter 2: Round Two

Chapter 2


I woke up the next day with a naked Selena by me. I smiled to myself and viewed her body. I kissed her neck gently and headed to the bathroom. I turned on the water and waited for it to get warm.

When it was warm enough, I jumped in. I let the water trickle down my body and I smiled to myself. I heard the bathroom door open and I peaked through the glass. I saw Selena coming in.

I smiled when she came in the shower with me. She hugged me from behind and her hands trailed down to my pussy. She massaged my clit and I bit my lip, moaning. She moved my hair to the side and bit my neck at the same time.

I put my hand over hers and made her go faster. I moaned loudly and grabbed her butt. I turned around and I began to kiss her lips hungrily. She picked me up so my legs were around her naked torso.

Her hands were on my ass and I was rocking my hips against her stomach. I put one hand a over her head and the other on her boob. She shoved her tongue in my mouth and I gave her entrance.

"Let's take this to the bed." Selena breathed out.

I nodded and turned off the water. She ran out and I went after her. She laid on the bed and winked at me. I straddled her and began rubbing our wet pussys together. The water from my wet hair dripped on her and I kept rubbing our pussys together.

She moaned and grabbed my boobs. I leaned down and she began to suck on my boobs. I moaned and rubbed our clits harder. The bed started to move and we moaned louder. When we came we laid in bed breathing heavily.

"Why didn't we meet sooner?" I asked, laughing. Selena laughed with me and laid on top of me. She put her hand on my boob and kissed my neck. "What? Already want a round two?" I asked.

"I want as many rounds as we get." She said. She laid down and pulled me on top of her. "Sit on my face." She said. I smirked and did what she said. She licked me and sucked me. I moaned loudly, my hand on the headboard and on my boob. I rocked my hips faster and her hands were on my ass.

I moaned and moaned, getting hornier and hornier by the minute. I got off and she began rubbing my clit. She stuck a finger in me and I gasped, tugging on her hair. She slid two more fingers and I smiled, moaning her name. I came and she licked me clean. I breathed heavily as she finished up.

"My god. You need to come on tour with me." I giggled.



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