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Amy runs away and finds Niall's house and stays there until she could figure out what she was going to do


1. Ran away!

I had to run away I couldn't take it any more I then heard footsteps my heart stated thudding a millions time more. I had to hide. I hid behind the cupboard. My dad walked and started screaming Amy I know your in here. I could here his footstep come closer and closer but then stopped all was silent until he looked behind the cupboard and scared the life out if me he then grabbed me by the arm and started to slap me he punched me in the eye and it went all black it was swollen. I tried to fight back but it didn't work he pushed me and I fell back on my bed he then left the room. I had to get out of here, I packed a bag of some of my clothes and money and quietly walked out of my room trying not to make a sound. I walked out of the back door and made a run for it it soon started to get dark and I was still running but out of breath sulking. I soon approached a building but couldn't see it properly I then started to get dizzy and I passed out.

Niall's P.O.V

I looked put of my window and stared at the Beautiful stars and moon I looked down and saw a girl lying on the floor. I quickly ran outside and saw her and picked her up in my arms. She was surprisingly light. I took her inside and lauded her on the sofa. My mum walked in asked what had happened I told her the whole story.

Amy's P.O.V

I woke up but everything still looked a blur. I got up very slowly but couldn't feel my feet they felt like blobs of jelly. Niall came over to help me stand up he sat me down at the kitchen counter and started to question me. I told them my name and said I ran away I pulled a sad face and they saw I didn't want to talk about it.

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