I closed my eyes and I could feel the world. Every movement, every breath, every sound. It all resonated off me and yet, I could not speak, I could only observe, listen, be. My name.... Well, let's see shall we.


3. University

I looked up at the office door, office 366, Pr.Tara L. Martin. Knocking once, then twice, it opened. Standing in the door was the professor herself. "Hello?" She asked me.

I looked at her blankly before pulling out my phone. I typed, 'hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am here because of your project on the human brains cerebral capacity'. She read the phone screen when it was handed to her.

She then looked up at me, her green eyes sparkling. "You can't talk huh?" She asked. I shook my head. "Well then come on in" she stepped out of the door way and I walked into the office.

It was filled with computers and electronics. They all buzzed and beeped in time with one another. I could see the connection of all of them and that they all connected to the main computer server.

I sat in an empty seat across from her desk, the desk that held the computer with the main server. I watched her sit and smiled. "So why are you here?" She asked. I rolled my eyes, I had told her but oh well. She was about to turn the computer to me to type when the words began to appear on the screen.

'I am here because I saw your work on the cerebral capacity of humans and I was wondering if you would like to see what someone with over 10% could do, as I myself have 17% control of my mind' it finished and her mouth dropped.

"Well then, this changes things, come back tomorrow and we'll talk more as I have a lecture now, it was lovely meeting you" she said a glint in her eyes. I nodded and left, a smirk gracing my face.

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