I closed my eyes and I could feel the world. Every movement, every breath, every sound. It all resonated off me and yet, I could not speak, I could only observe, listen, be. My name.... Well, let's see shall we.


2. Feeling

I opened my soft violet eyes and everything began to move. Not physically but I could feel the earths rotation.

Standing out of my bed, I looked in the mirror. My short blonde hair fell in a ratty mess, and my eyes were glazed with sleep. I twirled my hand and my brush began to untangle my hair.

I rubbed my eyes and made my way down to the kitchen. Standing in the room was, Luke, my mother, and Flore,my youngest adopted sister. "Morning Sis!" Flore chimed.

"Good morning Elizabeth" Luke smiled warmly at me. I sat down and ate the breakfast that had been set in my place. Flore was rushed off to her ballet class and Luke left for work, it was just mother and I.

"Lizzy dearest, could you look after yourself for around four hours?" She asked slipping on her coat. I nodded slightly.

She left me alone in the house and I ran up to the computer in Luke's room. It wasn't hard to enter as his password was the same for every other thing he owned on the planet, 'lukeisawesome5632'.

As I entered the mainframe, the room around me lit up. I opened his files and scanned all the knew works, memorising every word. You see, Luke had been documenting every single one of my abilities he knew of. Apparently many scientist, professors and other medical and scientific workers, had been trying to find out what would happen if we could control more than 10% of our cerebral capacity.

I opened a new file and began to search others with my ability to control more of my mind. As my search came to a close, I had found I was the only one. There was one professor that stood out, 'professor Tara L. Martin'. She had been working for over 15 years on a project surrounding the cerebral capacity of humans.

I thought for a moment before clearing my work and logging out of the computer. I changed into suitable clothing and left the house.

I walked to the university not to far away and smiled. Today, I would figure myself out.

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