I closed my eyes and I could feel the world. Every movement, every breath, every sound. It all resonated off me and yet, I could not speak, I could only observe, listen, be. My name.... Well, let's see shall we.


1. Speech

Close your eyes, take a breath, listen, be. Every moment, every day. I could feel the time moving beneath my skin. My name is Elizabeth. I have not been able to speak from I was three years old, but from those three years I could feel, hear and see.

I could see everything, feel everything, hear everything. From the smallest movement of a mouse, to the stomp of an elephant.

My mother had always told me I was special, but special is not a word to describe me. I am normal, I am me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The only one who could understand me is my brother. His name is Luke, he is a scientist and as he says, I have control of 17% of my brain.

I am not gaining anymore, or losing any, but from that point of view it is 7% more than the normal person.

My name is Elizabeth, I can not speak, but I can live.

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