Don't Reply

This was inspired by the film Cyberbully.


1. Don't Reply

You said something,

And you regretted it.


And now you're a bitch,

Who needs to shut the fuck up.

There's a place for you in hell.

These people who used to be your friends,

Now you can't tell.

Don't reply.


They're gonna keep egging you on, egging you on,

Until all you can hear are their insults.

And when you cry, you can't tell your mom.

Because of what you said,

You've lost all your friends.

To them, you're dead.

Don't reply.


It was just something you said, something very small,

A little mistake,

But now you wish you hadn't said a thing at all.

Your friends are liking everything they say,

And responding with stuff of their own.

All because of something you did today.

Don't reply.


Gotta get through this,

Gotta get through this,

Gotta make it to the next day.

Even though they won't leave you alone.


Don't cry,

Don't sob,

Don't reply.

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