Let's Just Forget

They were different. They didn't belong. They knew that. They also knew that within minutes they would have to face one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Minutes. Seconds. 30 seconds. 20 seconds. 10 seconds. "But..." "We can't afford to think!" 9 seconds. "What if this isn't the right thing?" "It's our call" "I know that." 8 seconds. "What would happen if we stayed?" "We'd die unhappy" "Exactly." 7 seconds. "Make a fucking choice!" "Quit yelling at me! I'm doing my best!" 6 seconds. "This is the right thing" "Is it though?" 5 seconds. "Yes! We don't belong here" "You say that like I don't already know." 4 seconds. "Why should I leave?" "Because they don't deserve you!" he screamed. 3 seconds. "They're here." they both peered in the rear view mirror. 2 seconds. "What do I do?" 1 second. "Go."


2. When Strangers Meet

He sank down into the moist earth that bedded the foot of the trees. From a distance he could see her. she was sat, hugging her knees to her chest and those brown curls blowing in the gentle summer breeze. The grass was dripping wet from the light shower that must have occurred while they had endured the party as long as they dared. Although the earth was wet, it didn’t seem to bother her. So it didn’t bother him either.

     He debated whether he should build the courage to go and talk to her. This could be risky. She didn’t know him. She may of heard of him, y’know, the town drug dealer. He realised the situation and decided to keep his distance from her just for now. It couldn’t be for long.

    About 100 feet away, he could still hear the hard bass drop of the tuneless songs that those reckless idiots called music. It didn’t anger him, it seemed to irritate him. It seemed even here, in the middle of the woods, he could never escape the endless line of rejects that swarmed the town of Whitmire like flies.



  Without realising, he began shuffling further and further up the treeline. He only noticed when he crawled into a clearing. The leaves underneath him crunched and crumbled with each step he took. He only stopped his crawling as he neared the center of the leaf strewn meadow.


That’s when he looked up.


  It was incredible. Millions, Thousand, Billions, an uncountable numbers of stars. They twinkled and glowed, smiling back at him from the depths of darkness that couldn’t be lit till morning. If that was the last thing he could ever see, he’d die happy. Everything about it seemed completely out of the ordinary, yet it was so normal. Something that had been so incredible and always above him at night time ever since he was brought into the world by his lousy excuse for parents, mum and dad.

    Each star seemed to wink at him flirtatiously. He liked it. The moon glistened in the small streams that ran down the side of the mountain, a mirror that could easily be smashed into thousands of pieces.

    Falling back into the damp pasture, he let out a sigh. Cocking his head to the side and folding his arms over his chest, he began to appreciate how beautiful everything was. Even if somethings were a little stupid, this seemed to make up for it. Somethings just over powered negativity, it was rare but this seemed to work just fine.

   Despite the beauty of the situation he was in, he couldn’t help but think of other amazing natural wonders that made every human awe as they noticed for the first time, what they’d been missing about the world.

  A silent beach with warm sands and cool waters lapping the shorelines, Autumn walks in public parks with crisp beds of golden leaves scatting the floors, holding hands with a loved one while watching the snow flakes fall into place on the icy pavements, thunder storms cackling and shaking the ground and window shutters, hot mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a crackling fire. Images of humanity that made him smile.


Everyone else took it all for granted. It was all there, just staring you in the face. They just didn’t see any of it. The beauty that happened without you thinking about it, the amazing experiences that you never said thank you for. They’d come back to stab you in the back one day, but that made the chase better.

His eyes began to close. He was tired. Without him wanting to, he fell asleep. Right under the stars is where he called a resting place for tonight.


When he woke again, he wasn’t lying where he had fallen asleep. And he wasn’t alone.

   There, with a curtain of brown curls covering her features and her knees pulled up to her chest, was the girl from the party. She hadn’t noticed he was awake yet. So he took a moment to see his surroundings.

   Underneath him was a thick coat which definitely wasn’t his. His head was propped up with a scarf and gloves that had been on the girl when she left. She must have seen him asleep and put him here. Where was ‘here’?

  As he sat up, the girl flinched away with both hands digging into the churned earth. She seemed scared of him, he didn’t seem all that scary in his own opinion.


“Oh no, I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to startle you I just-”


He didn’t need to finish the sentence. She was already shuffling back, her hair still covering her eyes. She managed to slip back into the same position she was before when he had first woken up, once there she replied in a silent whisper “It’s okay.” It was almost inaudible, but thanks to the pin drop silence, everything was still.


“How long was I out?” He asked curiously, wanting to know how long this girl had been sat with him as he snored embarrassingly.

   For the first time since he had seen her, she made direct eye contact with him. Now he knew why she had avoided his gaze.


Those eyes.


He flinched at the sight of them, it made an electric shiver race down his bony spine. They were green, the colour of rare emeralds but somehow greener. The look she gave him made every hair on his arms and legs stand on end, it was chilling. The gaze was so inhuman that he wondered what galaxy she was from.

     She huffed impatiently at him and peeled her hair from behind her ears. Soon it was covering those hypnotizing eyes and the rest of her striking features. She was beautiful in her own special way. It was clear that the eyes were something all people picked up on.

   “It’s okay…” He whispered, reaching out a shaking hand to stroke her hand tenderly. It didn’t go down well.


“Who do you think you are?” She spat, clearly infuriated by his attempts at friendliness. Even though she retorted rudely, he didn’t seem fazed.

   “I’m Danny. It’s great to meet you.”

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