That's Just The Way It Is - Gavin And Stacey

Gavin and Stacey Shipman are living in Barry, raising two children and happy. They are, however, eight years older than when we last saw them.
A lot can change in eight years, but a lot can also stay the same, and there can't be a better example of what changes and what doesn't than two people from different worlds who met over the phone.


1. Prologue

"Hiya!"  Stacey's voice rang through to her husbands telephone.

"Hi, you alright?" Gavin answered her, slightly confused over this unexpected phone call.

"Yeah, just a bit bored to be honest," Stacey sighed with her strong Welsh accent "With you down there and now Liv's in bed I've got nothing to do. There's not even anything on the telly!"

Gavin smiled, even though he knew he'd enjoy the night ahead he couldn't help wish he was at home with his wife and 1.5 children.

"I know, but it's only for one night, plus once the baby is born neither of us will have any spare time to go out." Gavin pointed out.

"I know, " Stacey squealed "I can't believe it, two  kids! And to think you had low chances. I reckon if anyone would've told you ten years ago by  this time you'd be married with children you'd have called them mental!"

"If you'd have told me that 7 years ago I'd have laughed at you!" Gavin joked back whilst counting his lucky stars for the thousandth time that he'd been able to have children.

"What time are the boys arriving?" Stacey asked, now distracted.

"Dunno, anytime now I think."

"Okay, just keep your phone on this time, I couldn't get hold of you!"

"Babe you'd only lost Liv's pink tights!" Gavin laughed.

"I know but she really wanted to wear her cream dress and it was too cold for her to wear her sandals! Anyway, just don't get too drunk so you can get back sooner." Stacey rambled.

"Only twenty four hours to go now Babes."

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