Up in the Clouds

I wrote a thing.


1. Up in the Clouds

I’m slipping, sliding, 

right into the dark.

I’m twisting, turning, 

falling apart.

I’m flying, soaring,

up in the clouds.

I’m running, sprinting 

across the grounds.


I’m hiding, shrinking,

under the stairs.

I’m searching, seeking,

looking nowhere.


I’m laughing, joking,

having some fun.

I’m talking, shouting,

telling no one.


I’m crying, sobbing,

drying my tears.

I’m leaping, jumping,

crashing down here.


I’m dying, living,

both at once.

I’m thinking, learning,

what the world wants.


I’m sleeping, dreaming,

all in my head.

I’m waking, blinking

here in my bed.

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