Do you meet a person because of fate? Because they mean something? Or, they are just to pass our paths and leave us with experience!


4. So close to an end


Anna is sick. She's about to die, she refused chemo, because there was no hope, It was her last stage. Anna was always weak, so, nobody noticed when she got really sick. And now it was too late, so, she wanted to live her last days normally.

She has been talking to Arthur with breaks of months/ weeks, no definite routine, no relations, no expectations. As a result, Patrick has been suffering and they stopped talking and seeing each other. They never has a break up, but they were not in a relationship anymore.

Arthur or Patrick, none of them knew about Annabel being sick.

She thought Patrick didn't deserve anymore pain.

And about Arthur, she felt she needed to know how he felt about her before she dies.

So she calls Arthur and they meet up at a small cafe.


Anna tells him, that she and Patrick were not in a relationship for a while.

Arthur was shocked, and demanded to know what went wrong.

Anna told him, 'I like someone else'

Arthur asked, 'Someone from your class?'




'Do I know him?'


'Tell me'

'I don't know how to'

'Just split it out'

Anna got up from her sit and said, 'I should go, goodbye Arthur'

Arthur caught her hand, and demanded, 'You have to tell me who is it?'

Anna replied, ' You're hurting my arm'

Arthur said, 'And I'll keep hurting till you tell me'

'God! It's you. Are you happy now? Now, Let go', Anna shook off her hand out from his hold, and left him standing alone.


The next day, Arthur calls, Anna doesn't pick up. So he goes on with her ansering machine, 'Hey Anna, I was shocked yesterday, Though I had a feeling that it was me. I need sometime Anna.

 I'm not telling you to forget me, but I need sometime, and yes, you were looking so fragile but so beautiful. You always do.

When we were children, I always thought how could someone be so unaware of being so beautiful. Be Patient, I am not going anywhere. But, I need some time, Call me when you get this okay?

And, take some rest please, you looked so tired, haven't you been eating or sleeping? Don't worry I am here for you, so, eat and sleep well. I'll see you soon'


Anna didn't know what to do. Arthur wants time and that's the only thing she can't give him. And now, it was like he liked her too, but, then why'd he need time?

Anna texted him, 'I can't give you any time. It's now or never. I don't have time. Answer me now, Do you think you love me? If not love, do you even want me? In your life, as anything at all? I want you. Right now, I can't wait longer'


Arthur gets angry with Anna's text. He calls back, and says, 'I tried to love you, but, I'm sorry I can't. I know it's my fault. But, I tried, I really did.'

Anna couldn't hold her tears, and said, ' Who asked you to try? Have I ever seeked your sympathy? How could you? Never call me again. I never wish to speak to you ever again.', she dropped the call. Anna wanted to die right at that moment.


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