Do you meet a person because of fate? Because they mean something? Or, they are just to pass our paths and leave us with experience!


1. Looking back

"A dream from the past ! 12 years maybe..." Annabel thought to herself, " I almost forgot I knew him, he was cute, what made me uncomfortable? It's weird !!! Or maybe I am weird thinking like a nine year old when I am twenty one !"

Time and Tide waits for none, she thought and laughed that "that little boy had forgotten me for sure! Why wouldn't he? he was just ten and I was nine, when we last saw each other."


Annabel went to the park and he was there again. He is Arthur, a friend of a senior girl friend of Anna. He joins them sometimes, as they all live in the same community. The senior girl friend Sara, a junior girl Casy and Arthur were pretty good friends, it was Anna who hesitated. Annabel was not much of a talker and Arthur was a very good looking guy for his age and it somehow bothered Anna.

It had been two years now.

Still, Annabel could never open up with Arthur and Arthur never noticed it.

Arthur was more close with Sara, they often made pranks on Annabel since she never spoke much.

Little Anna's feelings were hurt. She began to grow some hatred for the very good looking young man Arthur.

Anna used to love art. She went to an art school to persuade her hobby and test herself.

One day, there was a batch mix-up and Student of another shift joined Anna's batch and Arthur was the surprise element.

Annabel wanted to runaway, She tried to avoid him a lot but at the end of the class Arthur caught her. He asked, " Hey Anna! You're here? "

Anna nodes just, he speaks again, " So you want to become an Artist huh?" Anna was annoyed, as she wasn't sure if she could ever be an artist and she thought she was too young to decide even. " No, Not really" replied Anna.

Arthur would have said more but Anna just left without giving him a chance to.



Annabel's father was transferred to another city.

Anna left the small community.

Life was changing an it was hard on Anna to adjust with the new place she had gone.

It was a busy city. Everyone was in a rush. She stared out from the window in her bedroom, for hours and yet still looked at nothing. Nothing seemed to matter. The city was lifeless. The beauty of her old home nd community was unparallel. She became depressed.



Anna had a hard time in adjusting but now she has become a teenage and was exactly like the city teens. Same desires, same dreams except for one thing that she never allowed anything to get her carried away.

She knew in her heart that she was exceptional and she knew she had to protect her potentials.

Anna, now had a big friend circle containing 13 members officially. Anna was one of the important members who had a say in who they let in and take out from the circle.

Anna's character took a shape. She was no longer the little scared girl, rather she was more of an important person and others in school treated her with certain ambushed respect. Anna knew she earned it from the measurable time she had while adjusting in their world. And she always remembered that she came from a world which was different and east and far more innocent from where she now belonged.



Anna falls in love, She was fifteen years old now.

Funny thing is she thought she fell in love for three times in a row. So she wasn't certain if that could be called falling in love. Anna was kind of addicted to online games. She played a lot. A player was common, she found that player almost always when she entered the game.

Out of curiosity she asked that person who was titled 'Maniac' , " do you play all the time? or it's just a coincidence that you are always my opponent!

'Maniac' replied, "Absent Mind, it must be fate that we are born opponents of each other :p"

Anna said," Indeed :p "

'Maniac' , " Another shot? "

"No I gotta go now, definitely later :v "

'Maniac' replied, " I believe you are a girl ! , Are you? "

Anna was impressed and shocked, " No Sir, Are you?"

" You are right to call me Sir boy!" Maniac said

" I am a girl, You were right. How did you guess, and how old are you?"

"I can even tell you why you lied, but I will answer only one, not all of these :p "

"I want all"

"Then, you get none !"

"Fine, got to hell"

Anna left.

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