Do you meet a person because of fate? Because they mean something? Or, they are just to pass our paths and leave us with experience!


2. Coming to Present


It's been five years of an affair with Maniac, He's real name is Patrick. He's been the most generous and most maniac all at the same time, Annabel though she loved him and she did but that was until she had the sudden meeting with her childhood playmate Arthur.

They met in a Mall, Arthur was the first one who recognizes the past. Anna was at a disbelief.

'My God! You're all grown up', said Arthur.

'Yeah!, So are you.' Anna replied.

'So, how's life Anna? You got a boyfriend now?'

'Is that what you want to know? Why? I don't want to answer, ask anything but this.'

'Okay. But, hey what's the harm in telling?'

'I  guess I should tell you, I have a boyfriend and it's been five years.'

'You should tell me? You make it sound like if you didn't have one, I would have fallen for! Is that what you think? That you've grown so pretty that I fell in love with you? How typical of a girl!' Arthur said with disgrace.

Anna was at shock with his rage, 'I never meant anything like that, I said I should because than it wouldn't be a betrayal from my side, I didn't want to be guilty if you ever fall in future!', Anna explained.

'Well, I am sorry but I aren't going to fall for you in ever.'

' Good to know that.'


'Okay, fine.'


'Yeah, bye'


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