Complicated. |H.S|

Collins had a storybook life. Perfect family, flawless reputation, awesome friends. All of this changed when her dad gets a new job and she has to move to a brand new territory. She meets a cocky, arrogant guy named Harry and befriends a brand new crowd of people which a turns her life upside down for the worse, or so she thought. One direction fanfic


7. Sexy Beast

I walk upstairs to my room and lay on my bed. Let's just say things didn't go well after I showed up with a shirtless Harry. My mom quickly ended dinner and sent everyone packing. The whole time Harry had this amused grin going on and I wanted to slap it off his face multiple times.

When they all left my mom gave me a mouth full, screaming that I was a disgrace and messed up everything.

I only messed up one damn thing and it was because my car broke down! She grounded me and now I'm sitting in my room, sulking about how life's not fair.

I look at my phone and I have a new text.

Hey! How is your new school?

From: Chase

Chase is my old boyfriend. He originally was my best friend but then we went out our junior year. When I found out I was moving we broke up because we new the whole "long distance" thing wouldn't workout. We decided it was better just to go back to being friends. Also I just didn't trust him enough not to hook up with some girl while I was away. I loved Chase but he was a bit of a horndog.

it's pretty cool. I made a couple new friends, some wanting to be closer than others

To: Chase

If anyone gives you trouble just tell me. I'll make a "special trip" to see you and bet some pervy guys arse.

From: Chase

Thats why I love him (as a friend) he always has my back.

Okay thanks. Love ya! Goodnight!

To: Chase

Love ya too! Goodnight!

From: Chase

I put my phone on the charger and hope into my bathroom. I quickly take off my clothes and jump into the shower.

The warm water feels good on my skin, relieving the stress I've been feeling. I wash my hair and body and jump out of the shower. Putting on my pj's I lay on my bed and put on some music. Shuffling through my playlist I put on Gasoline by: Troye Sivan. I absolutely love his voice!

I hear abuzz on my phone, another text.

Are you still alive? Was thinking your mom was going to kill you and me both by the death glare she was giving me

From: Sexy Beast

Who and the heck is Sexy Beast?

Stupid arse Harry probably put his damn number in my phone earlier without me knowing. And the name he put in the phone! How arrogant is that?!?!

No I'm still alive, by the way it's not polite to go through people's things it's actually quite rude!

To: Sexy Beast

Well, I was thinking if you ever needed any "favours" you could call me and I could help ;)

From: Sexy Beast

Could he be anymore straight forward? So, so stupid!

In your dreams Styles.

To: Sexy Beast

Every night to be exact. I could tell you about them if you wanted me to ;)

From: Sexy Beast

I don't think I want to be ear raped! They probably involve some not so PG- 13 material.

No thanks! You should keep your perverted thoughts to your self

To: Sexy Beast

Well, if you insist :( Also don't forget our date Friday! Make sure to wear something special for me ;)

From: Sexy Beast

For that I'm going to make sure to wear a baggy jacket and lose jeans.

In your dreams

To: Sexy Beast

Here we go with the dreams again

From: Sexy Beast



To: Sexy Beast

Okay, Goodnight! Just remember that I'll be dreaming about you ;)

From: Sexy Beast

I turn off the music and get under the duvet, putting my phone under my pillow.

I quickly fade off into a Harry-less dream land.


It's been three days since Harry asked for that date and it's finally friday. Yay! Note the sarcasm.

I wake up and put on some high waisted shorts and a black T-Shirt that says DAUNTLESS. Yes, in a bit off a divergent nerd. Don't judge. I grab my phone and wallet and put them in my pocket.

I put on some make up and put curls in my hair. I put on my red vans and grab my back pack.

Climbing down the stairs, my feet stumble and I nearly roll completely down the stairs. I actually just skin my knee a little.

"Ouch" I mumble under my breathe and limp into my kitchen.

I grab a green apple and head out the door without day a word to my mother.

I soon after getting in my car arrive at the school. Parking quickly, I run to class trying to make it in before the bell rings.

Just as the tardy bell rings, I slip into mg my math class. I take a seat in the back by Sydney and take out my textbook.

"Hey Collins, how was your morning" Sydney asks in a whisper, trying not to get caught by our math teacher.

"It was okay I guess."

"Isn't your date with Harry tonight?" she questions.

Wait! how does she know I have a date w/ him?

"How did you find out I had a date with Harry?" I ask quickly, wanting to find the answer.

Is she nosey and looked through my phone? Or did I tell her? I don't remember telling her!

"Oh, well Harry was telling everyone about it thus morning before the bell rang."

What the Fluck!

"Oh, cool." I say with a fake smile letting my thoughts drift off.

Why am I even freaking out? It's only one date, and it's only because I had to.

"Yea, the only reason I'm going out with him is because he made me. He helped me and I had to." I add trying to help my case.

The subject drops for a little while but then Sydney brings it up again.


"Yea, Sydney" I ask .

"Just be careful. Harry is not how you think he is. He is into some dangerous things and I don't want you to get hurt." She says with concern.

"Okay I'll keep that in mind." I say.

The rest of the day goes by quicklyand not once did I see Harry at all.

I put my books into my locker quickly and walk to my car.

Ill pick you up at 6:45 be ready.

From: Sexy Beast

I have to remember to change his name in my phone. He is not a sexy beast,

He is an arrogant arsehole.

I go to my room and do my homework quickly. Then I go to my closet to pick out my clothes for my date. I decide to wear a short black dress with pink roses on it and some pink heels

to match it.

I'm not going to dress up for him, I don't even want to go one this date. I'm just doing it so he will leave me alone and stop bothering me.

Its finally 6:40 and I'm waiting for Harry to show up. I hope he isn't late, this is his charade! Not mine.

"Collins! Come to dinner!" Calls my mom.


Fluck! I forgot I'm grounded!

"It's okay mom! I already ate plus I'm tired! I'm going to go to bed!" I yell to my mom.

"Are you sick? do I need to come up there and take your temperature?"

No, no ,no she can't see me. Tired people aren't dressed up like I am!

"No I'm jut tired! it been a long week" I say faking a yawn.

"Okay sweetie! goodnight!" She calls.

I text Harry really quickly asking for help.

Your going to have to help me! forgot I'm grounded and can't leave house. Your going to have to find away to help me out of my window!

To: Sexy Beast

I start panicking because I haven't got a text back, but I get a reply minutes later.

Okay! I have a plan just wait by your window I'll be there soon

From: Sexy beast

I wait a few minutes and Harry comes waking up to my house making sure to park little ways down my street.

He has a ladder in his hands.

I open the window quickly. "Hurry! before your caught."

"I'm coming!" he says leaning the ladder against the house. "Hurry and climb down, I'll hold the ladder."

"Here catch my shoes!" I say throwing out my heels to the ground."

"Don't look up my dress!" I say and he grins ear to ear.

Walking out on a limb, i lift my dress up a little and I throw a leg out my window and to the first step. I quickly climb down, feeling a little unsteady.

"Nice panties" Harry says lowly with a cocky smile. He takes down the ladder hiding it in my bushes for later.

"Pervert" I respond trying to avoid eye contact when he looks back up at my face.

"We should get going" he says quickly, and walks to his jeep taking me with him.

I climb into his car putting on my seatbelt. He starts the car and quickly drives off.



I know it's been a while but I finally updated. In this next chapter you will see a darker side I Harry. just remember that he has issues.

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