Complicated. |H.S|

Collins had a storybook life. Perfect family, flawless reputation, awesome friends. All of this changed when her dad gets a new job and she has to move to a brand new territory. She meets a cocky, arrogant guy named Harry and befriends a brand new crowd of people which a turns her life upside down for the worse, or so she thought. One direction fanfic


2. Podunk Town

**5 months before**



Why does it have to be so early in the morning? I don't even really need to wake up. I could miss school today it's just the first day.

It wouldn't be a problem if we hadn't of moved. Back home I could of just showed up the second day and would have been fine. Everyone knew me there.

I slide out if bed and walk to my bathroom. Walking in front of my sink, I stop and look in the mirror.

I see a mess of platinum blonde hair and wide blue eyes. A long nose and a definite jaw line. I'm kind of short though, so I barely see into the mirror on my tippie toes.

Everyone says that short girls are cute but I beg to differ! I've always wanted to be taller. Compared to everyone else in my family, I'm average but at school I'm the shortest.

Before I get yelled at again I get dressed. I grab a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a flowery blouse. I slip on some black vans, straighten my hair, "paint my face", and head down stairs.

"Nice of you to join us tho morning, Collins" my mom says sarcastically, staring at me from the kitchen table while I grab a banana out if the fruit bowl and sit at the table.

She looks perfect looking as always. Platinum blonde hair curled and face without flaw or falter. Everyone says that I'm a spitting image of her but the truth is that it takes her a while to look like that. I look like myself without any thing changed or altered.

"Yea well there's no way I could sleep through your screaming, so I decided I should get up and come down here to please you." I say after I sit down at the bar, chomping down my banana.

"Collins! I know that your mad that you had to move, but I'm your mother and you will NOT speak to me like that" she says sternly.

Her speech kind of sobered me up a little. There is no reason for me to be a bitch to her, its not her fault we had to move. It's no ones really. The previous law firm my dad worked for laid him off so it's there fault!

"Your right, I'm sorry mom. It just it was my senior year! I had to leave everything except Tyler. And I still had to leave him! it's not your fault though. I don't blame you"

My mother watches me speechless for a second.

"Ok Collins, I understand. It's 7:10 and it doesn't start till 8:00 but you have to get your schedule and everything. Take your car. I'll give you the address, just type it in your gps. it's only a few miles from here." she says quietly.


I jump from the stool near the bar and grab my backpack.

As in walking towards the door my mom screams "AND DONT FORGET WE HAVE DINNER WITH YOUR DADS NEW BOSS TO TONIGHT"

I grab my keys and wallet from the bowl by the door and walk out of the door out to my little car.


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