Complicated. |H.S|

Collins had a storybook life. Perfect family, flawless reputation, awesome friends. All of this changed when her dad gets a new job and she has to move to a brand new territory. She meets a cocky, arrogant guy named Harry and befriends a brand new crowd of people which a turns her life upside down for the worse, or so she thought. One direction fanfic


5. Okay?

On the way home I decide to stop by the gas station and get some fuel.

I jump out I my car and walk into the store. At the counter there is some girl about my age with a baby on her hip popping gum. in the corner there are some elderly men chatting and sipping coffee.

On the other side if the store there is a built in diner thing where it looks like everyone at our schools is at. I see Sydney at a table with her group. She looks over her shoulder and sees me. Quickly, she jumps up and runs over to me.

"Hey! what are you doing?"she asks excited. She kind of spastic and springy.

"Nothing much. I'm just getting gas."

"Well if you aren't doing anything you could hang out with us."

"Well, okay?" I say, meanwhile Sydney drags me to their table.

On the side of the store, it looks like a scene straight out of Grease. The Diner thingy, and everyone in separate groups just chilling. They even have malts.

Wow. This town is stuck in the old ages.

"Everyone, this Is Collins. Collins this is the group."

Everyone says different things. A couple hellos, a couple wazzups, and even one said she's hot.

They all individually introduce their selves. the blonde guy with glasses and the "fabulous" attitude is Felix. The red head with blue in her hair is Rachel. The guy with the brown curly hair that looks like Cory from Boy meets World is Nathan. And last but not least is the Chinese girl that's about a hundred pounds is Sue.

"Well, Collins it's nice to have such a pretty girl move to our school" says Nathan confidently.

"Yea it sure is" I hear a masculine voice say from behind me. I turn around to be face to face with Harry. How fun.

When I say face to face I mean like face to abs because this dude is really tall.

"Hey babe, nice to see you again. And to see you this close is even better." he says with a huge grin.

At that stupid ass comment I separate myself from his chest and sit back down.

"You should sit with us over here, we would have a wonderful time." he says wiggling his eyebrows.

"No thanks" I say and roll my eyes.

"Well, that's ashamed. I could have shone you a good time" he says with a little hip thrust dance.

And right on time, a blush sweeps across my face. Uggghhhhhh.

"There it is" he says pointing to my face "I was wondering how long it would take you to blush again!"

"But, remember I still have to give you a real reason to blush!" he says and walks off.

Wow, that while conversation I didn't say a whole word. He mine as well have been talking to a wall.

Why can't I talk around this guy! his arrogant ass pisses me off and I can't even tell him because of my lack off talking. nice one Collins, nice one.

Just as I turn back to the group my phone goes off.


"Sorry guys I have to go" and with that I walk out of the gas station and get in my car.

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