Complicated. |H.S|

Collins had a storybook life. Perfect family, flawless reputation, awesome friends. All of this changed when her dad gets a new job and she has to move to a brand new territory. She meets a cocky, arrogant guy named Harry and befriends a brand new crowd of people which a turns her life upside down for the worse, or so she thought. One direction fanfic


4. Dirty Mouth!!

I walk into my last class, English. The schedules are are bizarre so my 1st class on the list is last and my last is 1st.

The rest of my class have been particularly uninteresting. Always the same thing, I find a seat in the back, the teacher walks in and rearranges us. Then introduces me as a new student.

I hope this class is more interesting. English has always been my strong suit, and I want to pursue a career as a journalist.

Sitting in the back, I glance over the class. All the girls are gossiping an all the guys are gawking at the girls.

I glance beside me and see a group of guys and girls sitting, talking and laughing. They look like a "alternative" looking group of people but they look friendly enough.

One of them, a girl with dark black hair and carmel skin sees me watching them and walks over to my desk .

"Hi! I'm Sydney, you must be new here. What's your name?" she says kindly.

"Collins and yes, I'm new here. It's my 1st day." I reply.

"Well you should sit with us. I like your style and think you would fit in perfectly with our group."

"Okay" What do I have to loose?

I grab my backpack and follow Sydney to the other side of the room.

I sit next to her and beside me is a guy with curly, dark brown hair with moderately right jeans on and a white, tight shirt on. He has fair, lightly golden skin and wild green eyes. His hair is moderately long. And for his body, well, lets just say he looks like he spends a hell of a lot of time in a gym.

I must have been looking at him for a while when he looks over and flashes a white smile at me."Hi I'm Harry. what's your name."

Before I can answer Sydney interrupts.

"Her names Collins. And Harry don't try and flirt with her she's not a hoe like all the rest of the girls you "date"."

He flashes a deceitful grin at her, so big that it shows his dimples and says "Hey, Hey, hey in just introducing my self to this beautiful lady. Its not like I'm trying to get into her pants! She's not my type."

With that, I bush a deep red and I feel extremely awkward.

He laughs a low chuckle at my embarrassment "No need to blush honey, when I meant not my type I meant not the try and get into your pants type. I would certainly would go out with you."

And again I flush a deep red.

He laughs again "Well, you certainly blush easily. I didn't even say anything even that dirty but I certainly can if you need me to" he says with a wink.

Now I'm just completely mortified. Usually I'm just as cocky as this guy but I don't know what's wrong with me.

I just keep my head towards the front and my eyes looked to the board as the teacher walks in and starts writing.

Whats annoying is that Harry is still laughing at my embarrassment.

He finally pisses me off enough and I get the courage to talk and say " Even if I where your type I wouldn't date you. I don't like arrogant bastards."

That just makes him laugh even more "Whoa! What a dirty mouth! you don't look like the one to curse."

"I only cuss at people when they piss me off"

He looks at me " Am I pissing you off Collins?" He says amused.

"Well I'm cussing at you so you answer that question yourself"

Before he has time to answer the teacher interrupts, "Anything you would like to share Mr. Styles and Mrs. Todd?"

"No sir." Harry says with a smirk and Mr. Drake continues the lesson.

That's the first time ever I've been scolded by a teacher and I'm blushing deeply again from embarrassing.

"There you go with the blushing again. Sooner or later I might just need to give you a real reason to blush." he whispers in my ear and I feel his breath on my neck. I just playfully push him away and listen to the teacher.

I try to pay attention but from the side I see Dalton glancing at me with a arrogant smirk which makes me uber-uncomfortable.

"Would you stop staring at me? Im trying to pay attention!" I say with an attitude.

"Well If you were actually paying attention you would notice" he adds with a smile that would make a girl melt but I don't like cocky, meatheads with an ego the size of the Empire State Building.

"Smartass" I reply quickly

"Goodness there goes that dirty mouth again! So much verbal abuse." This guy is so stupid.


The bell rings and I quickly grab my stuff but before I leave Harry quickly grabs hold of my arm "That was fun babe, we should do it again sometime" he winks and lets go.

I leave quickly and go to my car.

I still can recall what the teacher taught my 1st day if English class


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