This is Hogwarts book one

A young girl and boy finish the Harry Potter series and wish that they could go to Hogwarts with the golden trio. What will happen when they wake up and find out that their in the marauder era at Hogwarts with Harry Potter? Read this movella to find out.


1. I wish

Jenna and Nico sat on their beds reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Jenna was a young girl no older than 8. She had dark brown hair and sea blue eyes. She was pale like the snow in winter. Nico said that with black hair she would be Snow White. Jenna was wearing her pink p.j.s with cherries on it. Nico however was 11. He had jet black hair and emerald green eyes.Jenna said that with a lightning scar he'd be Harry Potter. He was pale like his sister, and had his blue p.j.s with blueberries on. Nico and Jenna both loved Harry Potter. Jenna closed her book and looked at Nico.then he did the same thing. "Mom, dad!" They yelled together. They're parents came in and did their bedtime routine. Mom to Jenna, Dad to Nico, switch, Dad to Jenna, Mom to Nico. When the light was out, and Mom and Dad were gone,the kids rushed to the window. They said together "Star light star bright first star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight, I wish we could go to Hogwarts." Then they went to their beds and fell asleep.

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