The Dragons of Japan

A spate of mysterious deaths. Sightings of a mythological creature. Something is terrorising Feudal Japan, and how is it linked to a desperate struggle for survival in a distant galaxy?


2. Interesting

Clara had never been to Japan before. Well, she had never really travelled much before. Before the Doctor. She looked around, curious. 

"Well? What do you think?" The Doctor was looking expectantly at her, his ever present cheeky grin attached to his face. 

"It's...different," she answered, after a moments hesitation. 

The grin fell off the Doctor's face. "You don't like it?"

Clara had to laugh at the comical expression on his face; like that of a wounded dog. 

"No, no! It's lovely! Just...not what I was expecting? And cold!" She shivered pointedly, dressed only in a summer dress and leggings. 

The Doctor ran straight back into the TARDIS. Various noises could be heard from within. Clara, puzzled, was about to investigate when the Doctor emerged, with a triumphant expression on his face. He was holding a coat out to her, which she gratefully, but still confused, shrugged on.

"I knew I had some somewhere! I just had to find them." He was already cosy in his trademark coat and bowtie. 

Clara shook her head in mock exasperation. "We're in Japan. Do you have to wear that?"

"Of course! Bowties are cool," replied the Doctor indignantly. "Now, there must have been a reason why the TARDIS landed here. Lets scout around."

There was a companionable silence as the two walked up the beach, towards a road of some kind. 



"Are the locals friendly?" There was a slight apprehensive note in Clara's voice that didn't go unmissed by the Doctor.

"Should be. Japan around this time is not known for its kindness to foreigners, but most people are friendly enough. Why?" 

Strangely, this did nothing to comfort his companion. She didn't speak, just pointed ahead of them with a slightly shaky finger. The Doctor looked where she was pointing. She was right. Those locals did not look friendly at all. 

Marching towards the pair were about half a dozen Samurai warriors, armour glinting in the last rays of sunlight. They looked decidedly unfriendly. 

"Umm, Doctor? What do we do?" 

The Doctor wasn't listening. He was scanning the area with his sonic, glancing up at the incoming threat briefly, before returning to his murmerings. 

"Doctor! Are you listening to me?" Clara wasn't scared, more annoyed.

"Humm? Clara, were you talking to me?" The Doctor had snapped out of his reverie and was focused on the Samurai, much closer than before.

Clara didn't even grace him with an answer. She also focused on the warriors. They were so close she could see the grim expressions on their faces, the sweat on their brows.

"I think we should..." The Doctor never finished his sentence. Clara turned to look at him, only to be faced with another group of Samurai, one holding the Doctor who wasn't even struggling. Clara was surprised at how they had managed to sneak up behind them, especially with the Doctor's alien hearing. As they advanced on her, she allowed herself a small moment of panic.

"Doctor, what do I do?"

His answer surprised her. After all this time travelling with the madman in his box, she thought she knew him quite well. Turns out she did not.

"Give in, Clara. We need to let them take us." Although his words suggested surrender, there was no defeat in his voice.

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