Okay, so my friend said I should try and post some of the poems I've written. These are about MY feelings, no one else's, so if you don't like, don't read. I will get mad if anyone posts any hate in the comments, so beware.


5. The bus

There are those days

The days when you want to cry

Want to die

The days you want to fly

And touch the sky

The heart broken days

The heart-felt days

The days that leave you-a-wondering

The days you ask,


The days when you think someone

Will speak up

And when they don't, 

You are sad,

But when they do

You feel alive!

If someone said to you and the boy sitting next to you

'Are you dating?'

And he responds,

'So what if we are?'

But you really aren't,

What would you say,

What would you do?

If it happened twice...


I lost track... 

And he still sits 

Next to me

Every day

Another excuse.

Sometimes just,

'Would you mind if I sat by you?'

And others he just does.

I have fun. 

He makes me laugh.

And I never want the bus rides to stop.

I just want to ride

And ride

And ride

Even if I had to deal with the annoying kid

All the time, 

It would be worth it.

The way he looks at me

The way he talks to me

Like I am a person,

Not a toy

A toy to toss after you are done

So many others have done that to me.

All the time they continue.

I don't know who to trust any more.

But I know I can trust him.

~Lillian Faye

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