West Coast

I fell in love with a girl who lives in West Coast

She's not like any other girl you'll meet in West Coast. She enjoys the little things & cherish the people she loves. She's daring & fearless. Her skin is soft & pale like the sand in the beaches in West Coast. Her dark brown hair is smooth like silk & eyes are just breathe taking. But her family isn't so perfect as she is. Her family holds secrets and don't play nice with others who threat the family.My name is Niall Horan & I'm in love with Jordan Walton.


2. T W O

she's caught between who she is

and who she wants to be


She was absolutely breathe taking. She was the definition of beautiful. Her dark brown hair shined in the light and her eyes were bright as gold. Well, not literally but they were definitely a caramel color. She sang so beautiful too. This girl so perfect must have a boyfriend already.

"See that Horan? That beautiful creature is my youngest and only daughter. God, she looks like her mother. Beautiful and young. She is the grand jewel here. She is the princess of the west coast, but I'm just saying that because she is my daughter. Any father would have said those words that can out of my mouth to his daughter to make them feel like they're special." Mr. Walton said to me while admiring his daughter and smoking his cigarette.

The Walton's sons were also sitting with us. They were chatting among each other about work and other stuff. I felt like I was an outcast, only listening to Mr. Walton babbling about his daughter. But i only been here for 4 hours, so why complain. I'm pretty sure I wont be alone forever. I amy say, i never seen a man so in love with his daughter. His daughter must mean a lot tot him because he seemd he would do anything in his power to make her happy. I want to know why out of the 5 children he has, she's the only on that measn so much to him. That questionis for me to hold onto and ask when i get to know the Waltons more.

My attention went back to Mr. Walton's daughter. She's one lucky girl. She's born in a wealthy family and is treated like a princess. I wonder how their house looks like?

I hear the crowd clapping and I realize that Mr. Walton's daughter finish her performance. I join the crowd on clapping, to show some respect.

"Your brother told me that you're a lady catcher" Mr. Walton smirks.

"Uh, I um-" a voice cuts me off.


Our attention turn to Mr. Walton's daughter walking towards us. Wow, she walks like a model.

"Ah Jordan, my love!" he opens his arms to give her a hug. So her name is Jordan.

"Hey Pa" she smiles.

Gosh her smile. It makes her more beautiful.

"Love, I want you to meet Niall James Horan. He's Greg's little brother."

"You're Greg's little brother. Wow, I had heard a lot about you. The name's Jordan" she smiles again.

Her name is Jordan. Jordan Walton. It suits her.

A man approaches Mr. Walton and whispers something to him. I glance at Jordan and see her with a scare and angry face. She must have heard what he said because her smile is replace by fear? The man soon leaves and Mr. Walton returns his attention to Jordan.

"Excuse me, but I have to get going. Work is calling. Enjoy the party Mister Horan and Jordan," he pause," stay out of trouble and keep an eye on your brothers" with that he left.

"So, tell me Ni, do you like your party?" she asks.

" To be honest, this is the most wildest party I have ever been too. So many people and drinks...I'm not used to this kind of environment " I admit.

The parties I been to were at people's house not mansions. This is all new to me.

"You think this is pretty wild? This is nothing compare to the parties Jay host. And talking about Jay, here he comes with the rest of the crew" I turn around and see Jay walking drunk.

"Waz up!" he sits down along with the others.

Jordan laughs at her brother and I just smile. She has an adorable laugh.

"How many drinks has he had Mick?" she ask.

"Um, about 7 or 6 of vodka" answer Micheal.

"Do you drink Ni?" she turns to me.

"Yeah, but-"

"Wait how old are you?!" she cuts me off.

"22?" I said unsure.

"Ugh lucky!" she pouted.

Now I wonder how old is she?

"Jordan here is only 19, but her birthday is in a month." Micheal explains

"I want to drink already!" she puts her head down.

"Can't you drink already? She's past-" Stefan cutts me off.

"Not here Blondie. You have to be 21 and over to drink"

"Oh" was all I said. I need to know more about California rules.

We contuie to chat for a bit and the party began to fade away. The music was becoming slow, people started to leave and for does who drank, well they're wasted. I'm pretty sure Jay is probably asleep right now and it looks like Jordan joined him.

"Well, come on kiddos. Lets go home." Michael stands up along with Stefan and Damon.

"What about Jay? He was kinda my ride" I ask Michael. He stood quiet for while.

"Stefan, take Jay with you and Damon. I'll take Niall and Jordan home"

Michael carries Jordan bridal style and she snuggles with him, clutching onto his shirt. Man, I wish I was him right now. We walk outside and his car pulls up. He first puts in Jordan, laying her down on the backseat. She looks adorable when she sleeps almost like a little kid. Michael thens open the two front door and steps one foot into the car.

"Ready to see your new home?"

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