West Coast

I fell in love with a girl who lives in West Coast

She's not like any other girl you'll meet in West Coast. She enjoys the little things & cherish the people she loves. She's daring & fearless. Her skin is soft & pale like the sand in the beaches in West Coast. Her dark brown hair is smooth like silk & eyes are just breathe taking. But her family isn't so perfect as she is. Her family holds secrets and don't play nice with others who threat the family.My name is Niall Horan & I'm in love with Jordan Walton.


3. T H R E E

Wealth is the ability to fully

experience life


"Good morning mister Horan. Did you enjoy the party last night?"

This mansion was absolutely amazing. It lay on a cliff by the beach coast and was fill with green life. Palm trees surround the mansion. The mansion had like a victorian look to it but also had a roman style to it. The inside of the mansion is like entering Jay Gataby's mansion. Everything was truly a piece of art.

"The party was amazing sir"

Only Michael, Mr. Walton and I were awake and enjoying a delicious breakfast. Well, Jordan was awake too, but she was outside reading a book. Their chef and maid was a Hispanic women who looked in her her late forties maybe even fifty. She was short and tan with black hair, her eyes though, were hazel. I'm quite surprise they only had her as their chef and maid in this huge mansion.

"Come along James" Mr. Walton gets out of his seat and begins to walk away.

"Are you coming James" I hear Mr. Walton's voice echo threw the mansion.

Michael and I walk to the grand stairs and see Mr. Walton with butler at the bottom of the stairs in front of the grand door. I feel Michael nudging me and I look at him confuse.

"My father wants to show you around"

I went down the stairs and follow Mr. Walton outside. A Maybach Landaulet awaits us and a butler opens the door for us. Mr. Walton nods his head at his butler and enters the car.

"Come along sport. We have places to go to." I join Mr. Walton and the butler closes the door.

As we were driving on the freeway, Mr. Walton was enjoying his drink. He offered me one, but I said no thank you. Mr. Walton dressed casual and very lad back. He wore a plain white button up shirt, with a few buttons unbutton. He also wore black jeans with holes and black boots. Who is this guy?

"You seem tense sport. Why?"

"What makes you think that sir?" I try not to stutter.

"I know when men are tense. They stay still, their hands are locked together on their laps and they have blank expressions."

Well this takes me off. He must been through a lot of guys to observe them when they're tense. But then he's a father of four boys, he must be used to this.

"Here" he hands a cigarette.

"Oh no sir. I don't smoke"

"I wasn't asking. You need to relax sport. If my little girl can smoke so can you." Jordan smokes?

I don't want to upset Mr. Walton, so I take the cigarette. I never smoked a cigarette, so I have no idea how to do this. Do I put the cigarette in my mouth first or do I light it up first? Mr. Walton notice my troubles because he takes out his lighter and a cigarette.

"Look here sport. You put the cigarette in your mouth first, then you light it up. Simple as that"

I put the cigarette in my mouth and Mr. Walton hands me the lighter. I never used a lighter before, so I have no idea to do. I tried to light it up, but I'm having a hard time with it. I can see Mr. Walton watching me and he looks disappointed.

"Let me help you with the lighter sport" he grabs the lighter away from me and lights it up for me.

"Come here" I lean in closer to the lighter and my cigarette lights up.

I start coughing once I inhaled the cigarette. I hear Mr. Walton chuckling besides me.

"You've got a lot of things to learn sport"


The Little Next Door, was a French cafe in Los Angeles. It was very nice and a bit pricey, but it didn't bother Mr. Walton.

"Good evening Mr. Walton. The usual?" the tall blond waitress asked.

"Yes" Mr. Walton smile.

"And for you sonny?" she looks at me.

"He'll have the Moroccan merguez" Mr. Walton orders for me.

"Alright and for drinks"

"Two Bourgogne" and with that, the waitress left.

"Tell me more about you sport." he looks at me as if was trying to look for my soul.

"Well sir, there's not much to tell you about me. I pretty much told you everything about me last night." I answer truthfully, but he laughs.

"That's bullshit. See sport, everyone in this room has a story and a secret. What's yours?" He leans back in his chair.

What is my story or secret? I never had nothing to hide or did anything magnificent. I think myself pretty originally and normal. I was going to answer Mr. Walton's question, but the waitress comes with our drinks.

"Never mind that question sport, we'll get back to that another day. Tell me how's your brother? He did say he was having a baby" he takes a sip of his wine.

"Yes he is. He actually texted me last night letting me know his wife gave birth yesterday to a baby boy. So now I have a nephew"

"Tell your brother I said congrats and I'll visit him in September. What is your nephew's name?"

"I will sir and his name is Theo"

"I like that name. I actually was going to name Stefan that, but his mother prefer Stefan. Since I named Damon, I let her pick Stefan" I want to ask him about Mrs. Walton, but I choose not too.

"Sir, can we talk about business, if you don't mind? I'll just like to know what I'll be doing." I asked him a bit scared.

"You job is very simple sport. Just hanging out with my children" that's it? Is that even a job?

"But I-" he cuts me off.

"You're young sport and I don't plan on losing you anytime soon. Remember earlier when I said everyone has a story or secret? Well, I forgot to mention problems too" he leans in closer to me and sits his hands on the table connect together.

"Do you ever wonder how wealthy people became so wealthy? Well ain't sure cause they're smart, most of the time. They get money by doing dirty work. Us Waltons, are known for our dirty past and because of that, our past haunts us. Like history repeats itself, our past repeats itself" he pause for a bit and leans in closer, like if he was telling my a secret. So lean in too.

"They're mean people out there sport and they don't like us not one bit. They want our family died, but that's not going to happen. I need you to protect my children sport. I know Jay and Michael are older than you, but I need to protect them also- especially Jordan. Don't let anything happen to Jordan or any of my kids sport. Promise me that sport" he looked dead serious about this.

"I promise"

There's more to Mr. Walton behind the glasses and the wealth. He's a man who really cares about his family and won't let any harm come to him. But for odd reason, Jordan seems to be the one who he really adores the most. Even though she is the baby, there has to be another reason why she's so special.

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