West Coast

I fell in love with a girl who lives in West Coast

She's not like any other girl you'll meet in West Coast. She enjoys the little things & cherish the people she loves. She's daring & fearless. Her skin is soft & pale like the sand in the beaches in West Coast. Her dark brown hair is smooth like silk & eyes are just breathe taking. But her family isn't so perfect as she is. Her family holds secrets and don't play nice with others who threat the family.My name is Niall Horan & I'm in love with Jordan Walton.


1. O N E

We don't meet people by accident

They are meant to cross our path for a reason


"Are you James Horan?"

"It's Niall actually. James is my middle name."

He shrugged & grab my suit case, while I grab my duffle bag. He took me to a Porsche 918 Spyder.

Wait what?!

"Uh, I thought I was-" the man cuts me off.

"Mr. Walton doesn't like his people driving in cheap & worthless cars. He wants them to feel like they're special" the man explain.

Who is this Mr. Walton? My brother didn't give any information about him, just that his work is dirty.

Right when the man was going to put my suit case in the truck, a younger figure approach us & stop him.

"Put them in my car, Parker" the other man said.

"Yes, sir."

I look at the man who was putting my bags into a Lamborghini Reventon. Who is this guy?

"Get in, blondie" the young man demand.

I did as I told & threw my duffle bag to the backseat. What kind of man can afford a $1.61 million dollars car at such a young age. I can't even afford my own place back at Mulligan. I need to know who's this Mr. Walton guy.

"Um, who are you? I was suppose t-" I get cut off for the second time.

"The name's Jay, Jay Walton"

"Oh, so you must be Mr. Walton, the man my brother told me about" I said.

Wow he was driving very fast.

He chuckled, "No. The man your brother told you about is my father. Robert Walton aka Mr. Walton as you refer too. You're Greg's little brother am I correct? James right?" he took a sharp turn that made claw onto my seat.

"It's Niall actually. James is my middle name, and yes Greg is my- whoa, you're really driving fast." He laughs at my comment.

"Not used to high speed racing Blondie? Didn't expect you too anyways. Coming from a small town in Ireland to a big city ". He looks at me, " welcome to Los Angles Horan."

~ ∘ ~

About twenty minutes later, we arrived at Beverly Hills. I thought Mr. Walton lives at Santa Monica, but I guess Greg was lying to me. I should ask though.

"My brother told me that yo- well Mr. Walton lived at Santa Monica."

"We do. Pa is throwing a big party for your arrival at Beverly Hills" he answers.

Wow, Mr. Walton is throwing a party for me. What's so special about me? And how rich is this guy? This man can afford his own son a 1.61 million dollars car & a 845 thousand dollars car.

"So, tell me about your father, Mr. Walton." I start off a conversation.

"Oh, don't worry Blondie. You'll get to know my father very soon. In fact, you'll meet himself & my other four siblings." Jay said.

"Wait, you're not the only child?" he shakes his head no," there's four other ones?" he nods his head yes.

"I am the oldest out of them. You'll get to meet them...like right now."

The car stops & I turn my head to see the most amazing looking bar I had ever seen. My mouth is literally on the floor now. Can this man be the richest man on earth?

"Come on James. Time to meet the family."

Turns out Mr. Walton is a really wealthy man. He liked my brother very well & treated him like if he was one of his children. When my brother told him about leaving, he was sad but understood why he was leaving. Mr.Walton is a family guy. He loves his family very much & any close friends of his were family too. His wife past away a couple years ago from a car crash. He was really a down to earth man, but took his business very seriously.

"Do you understand what we do son?" he asked me.

"Yes" I answered.

Wealthy people will go to them for protection form any threat. If any of their customers got hurt or threat, they will kill whoever did that to them. Another thing they do, if their customers wants a favour from them, they'll do it no matter what it is. The make deals with everyone who has the money, except drug dealers.

I was able to meet the other three siblings of Jay. There was Michael, the second oldest. He was a really cool guy, chilled & relax guy. He has girlfriend & had a child with her, but not marry-yet. He's going to throw a proposal party next week for a surprise for her. Jay in the other hand, was the crazy one in the family. No girlfriend & doesn't give a fuck about almost anything. He goes out to drink & party, but when it comes to business he's serious. Then there's the twins. Yes, twins. Stefan & Damon are the trouble makers. They're like Jay but five times worse. They really don't give a living fuck about anything- not even the family business. It's just all fun & games.

"So tell me son, tell me about you" Mr. Walton asked me.

"Well sir, my name is Niall James Horan. I grew up at Mulligan Ireland. My birthday is September 13 & I am twenty-two turning twenty-three. Back at Mulligan, I lived alone at an apartment & work as a-" a man cuts me off.

"Sir, she's on" the man inform Mr. Walton.

"Thanks" the man left.

"Uh, should I continue or-" this time Mr. Walton cuts me off.

"We'll finish this over the morning, but for now, lets sit, relax & enjoy my daughter's performance" he smile.

The last Walton child is a girl?

The lights dimmed & spotlight was hitting the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life.

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