Days in the life of Catticus Finch

A collection of ramblings and happenings in the rather ordinary life of me. A diary of sorts if you will. Rants will be inevitable. Musings, thoughts and secrets. A glimpse into my mind.


3. The band of misfits that form my family

So it is time for me to tell you about my family. There is my mother and father who vaguely regret having children and deep down just wish they had spent the money we have cost them on a boat or a camper van so they could have gone travelling. That is their plan for the future though so I am mentally preparing myself for never seeing them ever again after we have all gone to university because they will be off climbing mountains and sailing seas for the rest of their lives, perhaps coming to visit for the occasional christmas. My mother has already started buying things for her future grandchildren as now, whenever she sees anything that she would have loved to have bought for us when we were younger she just gets it with the excuse of the grandchildren. My father is a man of few words and many barbecues which he prides himself on deeply. He is canadian so I have the blood of the moose in my veins.

Oscar mildly irrates me most of the time and vise versa. We both enjoy similar things and I watch a lot of Star wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Sherlock with him but I am never quite positive whether he actually comprehends what is happening or if he just likes the explosions and the fight scenes. The best thing about Oscar is how spectacularly he can burp the alphabet, it is truly a wondrous sight.

My sister is kind of the exact opposite to me, she is a neat freak, skinny as a pin and a sickenly girly girl. I love her and I hate her. We can go from violent fighting to casual chatting in a matter of minutes and no matter what she does I can only ever stay mad at her for about thirty seconds.

And that leaves me. The oldest child, far superior to the rest, infamous for my lie ins, sarcasm and lack of enthusiasm and motivation in general. Talented at art (demonstrated by my beautiful drawings), English (as you can see by my flawless punctuation, spelling and grammar) and drama. 

So thats us, a bunch of misfits, but its ok, I love them. And I also do pretty good job of hiding them from the outside world, most of the time.

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