Days in the life of Catticus Finch

A collection of ramblings and happenings in the rather ordinary life of me. A diary of sorts if you will. Rants will be inevitable. Musings, thoughts and secrets. A glimpse into my mind.


1. A word before we begin

My name is Catticus Finch. Of course that is not my real name, its a cat pun, but for the sake of this we are all going to assume that my name is Catticus Finch and I am no more than a cat who for some reasons has human experiences and the ability to type words on a computer and form coherent sentences. I hope you find my perpetual misfortunes and mishaps even vaguely amusing. I expect no one will actually ever find themselves reading this so I don't really have anything to worry myself about.

Well, if in the unlikely event you do find yourself reading this, welcome. Welcome to my world of sarcasm and frustration. Enjoy.


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