What Are Limits To Us - Dan and Phil Fiction

The pressure of doing her family and friends proud was too much for Aria. She was only doing her best and she could give no more of what her university lecturers and professors asked of her. She was studying until the early hours of the morning, she wasn't sleeping and she wasn't eating anything.
The girl of 21 lived with her two male flatmates in London while she completed her masters in Business and Finance. It was when the pressure began building further and further above the usual line that her flatmates decided to take action. She gave herself a gap year to complete her bucket list before she was 22.



3. What Can We Do

It was about half past 10 by the time Dan actually got up from his black sheets. Phil had been up ever since Aria left for the train station, he had taken to the TV in the end. He had missed all the episodes of The Great British Bake Off so far and had been meaning to catch up on them for a while.


“Has Aria gone?”


Dan asked as he strolled into the lounge with just a towel around his waists. Beads of warm water rolled down his arms and between his shoulder blades making them glisten against the gentle sunlight pouring in through the window. Also indicating that he had just come out of the shower. That and Phil had heard Dan singing Crazy In Love by Beyonce at the top of his lungs about 5 minutes ago.

    “Yeah she left about 3 hours ago.” Phil replied grinning at Dan’s messy hair where he had scrubbed it violently with the towel which was currently clutching to his waists. “Why are you watching that?” Dan laughed as he saw Phil return to someone trying to recover what used to be a Victoria sponge cake. “Because.” Phil answered simply with the smallest smirk turning up the corners of his mouth. Dan shook his head and retorted “Right, I'm going to get dressed then we need to talk about something”


The train station was relatively full by the time I got there. Mainly full of impatient business people power walking their way to their platform. My ponytail had come undone in the mad rush of the Underground station and now my curls blew behind me in a mask of dye and L'oreal Paris shampoo. This wasn't helping me as every now and again it would whip in front of my face and impair my vision, causing me to crash into the unfortunate soul desperately trying to worm their way onto the carriage. God I hated trains.



“Move out of my way you blind-”


Excuse me! I have children!”


“Yeah, watch your language!”


“Maybe this stupid bitch could mind where she’s going!”


It was the usual London Underground scene with an infuriated business man all in black and white with a leather bound briefcase and a handful of plucky sales assistants getting in a quarrel on the battered platform. Not the first place I would have chosen to be stuck for a quarter of an hour.

   In one hand I held my phone and around my neck were my comfy beats headphones, I would have been tempted to put them on only to the fact that I couldn’t as I had no spear hands free. My phone in one, My extremely hot Starbucks coffee in the other and around my left shoulder was my rucksack with all my folders and my laptop in it which was heavy as hell.

     I just wanted the day to be over and it hadn’t even started yet.


“Right.” Dan began as he sat in the dining chair opposite phil who had just switched the TV off. His eyes were masked in a dark shade of chocolate, one Phil had only seen him wear when he talked about something upsetting him or something he had done wrong.

“We need to help her Phil”

Dan sounded gentle and calm but really a mixture of fear and unsettled thoughts brewed within his usually collected mind. Phil needed to be careful to choose his words or Dan would begin to become even more troubled about the situation.


“I know.”


He looked at Phil and sighed heavily. “But what can we do?”




Dan began to play with his fingers as he folded them and unfolded them in front of him on the table. Meanwhile Phil was running over ideas on how to release Aria’s stress level.

    It lasted for about an hour. Each one would open their mouths to share their plan but after many falters with said plan they would end up discarding it all together.


“She needs help” Dan pointed out as he sat there with his head in his hands.


Both their brains were just exhausted from the over thinking and Phil was beginning to get a thumping headache.


“I know that Dan, that’s why we’re sat here deliberating our friend’s options.”


“What about a gap year?” Dan suggested looking Phil right in the eye to catch his first impressions of the idea. It wasn't positive.


“Do you seriously think she’ll want to spend another year in University? She won’t do it Dan, I know she won’t. Aria just wants to get it out the way.” Phil responded sounding exasperated, as though this idea had occurred many times since he began thinking of alternatives. He was perfectly right of course, and Dan knew this.

     “But a gap year is something she needs to take, if she doesn't take it she’s going to kill herself because the pressure is too much. She’s getting thinner and thinner each day and her eyes have constantly got bags under them. Aria’s sick, Phil.” Dan protested, his eyes shining like a glass panes.

     “Well how are we going to convince her to take a year out?” Phil asked puzzled. Dan closed his eyes lightly. That was the one question he hadn't though of an answer for yet.

“I don’t know Phil, but we have to find a way”

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