What Are Limits To Us - Dan and Phil Fiction

The pressure of doing her family and friends proud was too much for Aria. She was only doing her best and she could give no more of what her university lecturers and professors asked of her. She was studying until the early hours of the morning, she wasn't sleeping and she wasn't eating anything.
The girl of 21 lived with her two male flatmates in London while she completed her masters in Business and Finance. It was when the pressure began building further and further above the usual line that her flatmates decided to take action. She gave herself a gap year to complete her bucket list before she was 22.



4. It Continued As A Bucketlist

The train seemed somewhat more civilized than the platform at Euston Station. Only to some extent.

     I was sat at a table seat with one discrete elderly woman who was reading a magazine from about 3 years ago, a middle aged man with a suit on who was typing away on his laptop whilst listening to Johnny Cash and a teenager only about a year younger than me who was dressed head to toe in Adidas clothing and was listening to Jay Z. This was by far the most peculiar mixture of people I had been sat with before in my entire life. And it didn’t make the situation any more comfortable when the boy with the 2002 clothing style kept eyeing me up and down with what should have been ‘flirtatious’ eyes but only ended up looking like ‘sexual predator’ eyes.

    So I turned my interests to my spiral bound notebook which I had grabbed from my bag as soon as I saw the odd mix of outsiders I would have to spend the next 20 minutes with.

    I had a pink biro in my hand and I was holding my coffee carefully with the other and my mind was deliberating what I should do. The idea hit me when I took my next sip of frappachino. A bucket list.

    There was so much in the world that I desired to do before I became old and boring. Skydiving, bungee jump, the list was infinite. It even involved the little things like going to a festival, crowd surfing, learn to ski. Obviously no one ever actually accomplishes their bucket list so why not set it to a outrageous target and see how many things you actually can do in one year. I ended up with 22 ideas down the side of the page and began scribbling each little idea I have ever wished to do.


1. Go to a masquerade ball

2. Try hang gliding in Rio De Janeiro

3. Meet someone famous

4. Go crowd surfing at a concert

5. Go to a music festival

6. Go on a roadtrip with friends

7. Get a tattoo

8. Watch a formula 1 race in Monaco

9. Ride a gondola in Venice

10.Tell someone everything

11. Fall asleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere

12. Take a picture every single day of one year

13. Go scuba diving

14. fly in a hot air balloon

15. Add a lock to the lovers bridge in Paris

16. Learn how to surf

17. Go sky diving

18. Learn to play piano

19. Have my picture taken with the Sydney opera house as the background

20. Become happy with my body

21. Kiss underwater

22. Fall in love for the first time


I stared at my list with a certain amount of satisfaction. If I could complete all that in one year it would be some crazy strange miracle, but I’m not denying that it would be the most incredible experience of all time. I imagined the hang gliding in Rio, the piano lessons with Dan. It made me grin uncontrollably which earned me a few sideways glances from the elderly lady sat next to me, the man listening to Johnny Cash was still oblivious to the world and the strange beaming girl sat opposite him. Sex predator was still glaring in my direction but I managed to suppress a rude retort. Something about the list made me feel different, like I had a mission to go out and complete it. It made me feel as though I wasn’t living up to the usual standards of life. As cheesy as it sounded, I felt an uncontrollable urge to YOLO; to go out and prove to the world that I wasn’t just another boring uneventful human living their life out to their last days.

       But if it wasn’t for that voice in the back of your head I’m certain that everyone on this earth would have gone out and done the same. And it was still that tell tale voice that brought me back down from cloud nine every time. It also wiped the tiny smile off my face and replaced it with a stern look.


“The train is now approaching Gloucester Green, Oxford city centre. PLease make your way off the left hand side of the train.”

I tore the list from its spiral spine and crammed it into the depths of my bag. It’s a ridiculous idea to think that a bucket list would actually get completed. So I rose from my unpleasant scratchy train seat and headed to the exit of the train with a long, purposeful stride. I couldn’t be distracted by small pathetic ideas that easily.

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