Murder on a Silver Platter

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned murder mystery?


7. Chapter 7

~~Bryan threw down the phone, ran over to Al and picked him up by the collar.
“What is this?” Al tried to fight back, but couldn’t.
“You and Patricia! You were having an affair, weren’t you?” Bryan yelled in his face very loudly.
“What? I don’t know what you’re-“
“Drop the act, Trishby! She was pregnant with your baby!”
“What? Al is this true?” Diana looked up at her husband with great disbelief.
“OK, it’s true, yes, but I didn’t kill Patricia! We loved each other!” Bryan let Al go and walked over then picked his phone back up.
“What else have you got?” Bryan was watching Al as his wife pushed him to go cry into Trish’s arms.
“While we comparing the DNA to all of the suspects, we found something amazing and terrible.”
“What is it?” Bryan was still staring at Al.
“Patricia Hornswell grew up in the foster system, right?”
“Yes, given up when she was a baby. What does this have to do with anything?”
“George Willis is Patricia Hornswell’s father.” Again, Bryan threw the phone down and walked over to George.
“You!” Bryan cried.
“Me?” George held his wife closer.
“Patricia Hornswell was your daughter!” This time everyone gasped. “I’m guessing that Trish is not the mother?”
“George?” Trish pulled away from Diana and made the same face at George that Diana made at Al.
“No. Her mother was Rose Albriger. She died in childbirth, and I gave away Patricia for adoption. I didn’t even give myself time to name her.”
“And all because you were already married to Trish.”
George sighed a moment. Then he breathed “yes.” Trish made a small yelp, then pulled away to grab Diana to cry.
“But I didn’t kill her. I didn’t even know.” George said. Again, Bryan went back over to his phone.
“I hope you have more.”
“Oh, this is the best part.”
“While were emptying her pockets, we found a piece of paper. When we unfolded it, and an old missing police record appeared. The record was for the murderer Simon Dridge.”
“Oh, I remember that case. He was held account for 3 murders but the police never found him.”
Right, and guess what one of his listed aliases was?”
“Arnold Matthews.”
“Exactly. She must have found this in his pocket when she was taking his coat. But before you throw your phone to the ground, there’s more.”
“What?” Bryan was ready to go strangle Matthews.
“We looked at her pants, and found a tea stain on it.”
“So? She was going to get a tea kettle? Maybe it spilled on her during the struggle.”
“No, in our estimated time of death window, she didn’t have time to get more tea.”
“So that means-” Bryan was starting to catch on.
“That the killer had to dispose of his tea stained pants, and so he stole hers.”
“Yes. We questioned all of the kitchen crew, and none of them remembers seeing Arnold in the kitchen.”
“That means” Bryan stopped when he heard the click of a gun behind his head.
“Drop the phone and get on the floor” Arnold said.

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