Murder on a Silver Platter

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned murder mystery?


4. Chapter 4

~~“Oh dear god” Trish said.
“How awful” Matt exclaimed.
“Who would do such a thing?” Edgar asked.
“We have to call the police” Al said, helping Diana onto her feet.
“I’ll get them” William said, going towards the phone. He picked it up as Al was putting Diana on the living room couch.
“Please everyone, come into the living room.” As everyone filed into the living room, holding onto their loved ones, William got a hold of the police.
“Hello, is this the police? Yes, I’d like to report the murder of a young girl. The address is 3419 Welding Street. Yes the large mansion. Please send someone down immediately.”
 “Would you like a drink, sweetie?” Al offered his wife.
“Yes something with bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles.” Diana replied.
“Who would murder Patricia?” Bethany asked.
“We’re going to have to find out.” Edgar said. Suddenly, there was a wave silence. No one knew what to say. That’s usually what you expect when someone finds a loved one or an acquaintance deceased.  Thankfully, then there was a knock on the door. Al went to open it.
“Good evening sir, I am detective Bryan Trells of the New Jersey Police Department. I was called here because a murder was reported?”
“Yes, please come in.” Al said as he gestured for him to come in.
“Now where is the body?” Bryan asked.
“In the coat close, over there.” Al pointed to the closet that he wouldn’t be using for a long time.
“Yes, thank you. Now, while we are waiting for the medical examiner to arrive, I am afraid to say that we must temporarily put this place on lockdown, only authorized figures allowed in or out.” The Detective said.
“But sir, why?” Arnold asked.
“Well, Mr. Trishby? Has anyone come onto or off of the premises not of these people?
“Then that means that one of these people murdered that girl. Now what was your relationship with the victim?”
“She was Patricia Hornswell. She was our butler for 3 and a half years.” Al said. There was suddenly yet another knock on the door. This time Bryan opened it up.
“Hello, I’m the medical examiner?” The person at the door said.
“Yes, the body is in there.” Bryan pointed to the coat closet.
“Right” said the medical examiner, and he went over and started snapping photos and the two detectives accompanying him walked over as well.
“Now, I’m going to have to ask, where was everyone when the murder took place?” Bryan took out a notepad and a pen.
“Well, we were all having a dinner party. Everyone was seated.” Diana said.
“Well, no, not exactly” Edgar disagreed. “Three other people got up and walked away the last time that we saw Patricia.
“That’s right!” Catherine said, “There was George who got up and went to the bathroom, Al who went to the door.”
“And Arnold who went to the kitchen” Matt said.
“Now, if those three could please come over here.” Reluctantly, George, Arnold, and Al all got up and followed Bryan.
“Now is there somewhere that we can communicate in private?” Bryan asked.
Diana said “There is a shoe closet upstairs and to the left.” The ascent up the stairs was followed in silence. Once they got upstairs, Bryan took out three sets of handcuffs and cuffed all three of them to the railing lining the hallway.
“Detective, is this really necessary?” Arnold asked.
“Oh, it’s only to insure that none of you run off during my interrogations. Now, I’m going to need Mr. Trishby first.” Bryan pulled him into the closet and locked the door.

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