Murder on a Silver Platter

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned murder mystery?


3. Chapter 3

~~“I wonder who that could be.” Al said.
“I’ll get it, sir.” Patricia said.
“No, I’ll get it. You may get another tea kettle.” Al said, getting up.
“Yes, sir.” Patricia said, leaving the room.
“If you’ll excuse me as well,” George said getting up, “but this old man’s got to go to the bathroom.” He got up and left, bumping into Arnold as he did so, making Arnold spill his tea into his lap.
“Oh I’m so sorry!” George said.
“No, it’s quite all right. I’ll just go and get a rag from the kitchen.” Arnold got up and headed towards the kitchen door. Just as he was leaving, the chefs brought in plates of lamb chops and steak.
“Oh I just love Nicholas’s food.” Bethany said, a mouth full of lamb.
“It is wonderful, isn’t it?” Matt said, putting a bite of steak into Catherine’s mouth, then his own. “Don’t you think so, sweetheart?”
“I think that it’s lovely,” Catherine said, kissing him.
“Sorry about that,” Al said coming back into the room. “There was no one there. Must’ve been a prank.” He said, sitting down. Soon after that, George came back into the room and said “You already started the 3rd course? Well, it looks lovely!” Then, Arnold came back into the room.
“Your chefs have quite the array of pots and pans. Ooh, is that lamb?” He smiled, then sat down and started eating.
“Oh, Trish, I almost forgot” Diana suddenly said “I still have your coat that you left here from the last party. It’s in the coat closet, excuse me while I go and get it.” As she left, the only thing to be heard was the chewing of food and the sound of Catherine and Matt kissing between almost every bite.
“Ah, young love. I remember the days before our marriage, the constant love-making. Do you remember that honey?” George said.
Trish replied “Remember? I still have the scars!” There was an immediate wave of laughter. But it was suddenly cut off by Diana’s blood curdling scream.
“That was Diana!” Al said, and everyone got up and rushed over to the coat closet, then to be propelled back by what they saw.
Diana was kneeling next to a dead body.
Patricia’s dead body.

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