Murder on a Silver Platter

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned murder mystery?


2. Chapter 2

~~“Mr. Adams, you are early.” Patricia said upon opening the door and finding Edgar Adams at it. Edgar was a wealthy man as well, and ran the company with Mr. Trishby, without being credited.
“Well, you can’t be too early” he said in his English accent.
“Let me take your coat.” Patricia offered her hand.
“Thank you that would be splendid.” He took off his coat as he walked into the house and gave it to her.
“The party is taking place in the dining room, you will have to find your name among the name cards and then sit there. Would you like a cup of tea?”
“Yes, I would enjoy that very much.” He replied. When he had settled down after finding his name card among the mass of cursive writing, Patricia came in with a kettle of warm water, an array of teabags, cream and a glass bottle of sugar with a spoon.
“Will there be anything you will be requiring?” She asked, then accepting his decline. As she started to walk away, she bumped into Mr. Trishby.
“Oh Al- I mean Mr. Trishby, are you alright? I’m dreadfully sorry!”
“That is quite alright, go help Diana with the rest of the flowers, please.” He directed.
“Yes, sir” Patricia said as she left.
“So, Edgar, how have you been? I see that you have already gotten some tea.”
“Yes, that wonderful butler of yours brought me some” he offered Mr. Trishby some with the kettle, but Mr. Trishby held up his hand to decline. “I’ve been splendid, lately. I recently had another child.”
“Oh, is this your third?” Mr. Trishby asked.
“My fourth.” Edgar smiled. “How is Diana?”
“She is alright, she did the flowers.”
“As always. I noticed that she has switched to pansies. A wonderful smell they have.” Edgar said. They heard the door open and close and Patricia greet someone. The two men turned their heads to see the old Mr. George Willis and his wife Trish walk into the room.
“George, Trish, how good of you to come.” Mr. Trishby said, getting up.”
“Oh, we wouldn’t miss one of your celebrations. Although the smell from the flowers from the last one is still haunting me” Trish said, giving Al a kiss on the cheek then finding her name card and sitting down behind it. “Speaking of which, where is Diana?”
“She’s putting flowers in all of the other rooms, you know her.”
“Oh yes I do.”
“Trish, George!” Diana exclaimed as she walked into the dining room.
“Diana, how are you?”
“Oh, just splendid now!” Diana said as she took a seat next to her husband. Over the next 10 minutes, guests arrived one by one. After the Willis’ it was then Matt Nichols and his fiancé Catherine James, then it was Arnold Matthews, William Brodney, and finally Bethany Trenbell. Once the guests had arrived, the chefs were called for and they brought in the first course, Caesar salad with croutons. This course was finished with loud chatter from everyone, talking about every possible subject from business to yachts. After everyone was done with their salad, the chefs brought in plates of boiled potatoes and Brussel sprouts with bacon, then Patricia brought them another cup of tea. This course was not filled with as much chatter, but it was still very loud with frequent laughter. Then, the doorbell rang.

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