Murder on a Silver Platter

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned murder mystery?


1. Chapter 1

~~“Sweetie, did you find my black tie?” Mr. Trishby yelled.
It was the morning of a beautiful Sunday in lower east New Jersey, in the home of Mr. Al Trishby, owner of Trishby Insurance, and his wife Diana. They had planned a dinner party for some of their colleagues to celebrate an expansion in the company’s budget, allowing further expansion of the company’s customer service.
“Here you are, Mr. Trishby.” Their butler, Patricia Hornswell handed him his tie and he thanked her.
“Are all the accommodations ready?” He asked her.
“Everything is ready” She replied.
“The dinner?”
“Chef Nicholas has prepared all of the meals and the table has been set with the name cards and silverware.” She said as she placed his coat on his shoulders.
“Fantastic. Now I want everything to be perfect, alright? Today is a day of celebration.”
“Yes, sir” Patricia said.
“Dismissed.” He said, and Patricia left. As he walked down the spiral staircase from his bedroom, he could see everyone working and preparing. The maids were setting the table, and as he peered into the kitchen he could see the chefs in the kitchen preparing the 6- course meal he had prepared for his guests. He looked over to his wife putting flowers into vases everywhere, as she always does when guests are expected. He went over to her and held her in a tight embrace, swaying from left to right, as if to comfort her.
“Do they look pretty?” She asked.
“They’re beautiful.”
“Do I look pretty?”
“You are the most gorgeous thing I ever saw.” They kissed.
“Mr. Trishby?” Patricia had come back.
“Yes, Ms. Hornswell?” Al said.
“Everything is now ready, and the guests are to arrive in 15 minutes. What shall I do when they arrive?” She asked.
“When they arrive, I would appreciate it if you would take their coats then direct them into the dining room to be seated at the place that has their name.”
“Yes, sir” Patricia said this then left. Then the doorbell rang.

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