Lovely Liar (16+)

"If my death can save you then be it"
-Harry Styles

Written by iOnlyMakeDreams
Cover by TomlinsonStreet


12. Chapter 12

Harry's P.O.V.

I was with the boys eating something and from nothing I heard a loud scream we all ran upstairs and I sat next to her. I tried to calm her down.

"We are all here nobody's gonna hurt you we are not gonna let them..." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek and stroking her hair.

"I am sorry"

"STOP being sorry you didn't did anything wrong ok?" I said touching her cheek. "Guys give us a moment" They all went downstairs while I tried to make Elena drink some advil and helped her to shower.

"Harry this is embarassing, you don't need to do this..." She said ashame and nervous.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna try anything un less you want to" I said calmly.

Elena's POV

He was touching every part of my body I just couldn't resist anymore so I pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him with passion, he smiled against my lips while putting my legs around his waist. I knew this was wrong but I needed to do it anyway no matter the consecuences. Harry began licking my neck then he carried me to the bed. I was still in love with him but I just couldn't do this, the guilt was more stronger than the desires of my flesh.

"Harry?" I said trying to make him stop but he continued kissing, I pushed him away from me" You need to leave, now..." I said confused he just nodded and walked away I was upset for doing it but not for doing it-

I just needed to talk to him. I went downstairs and I heard a laugh but a girl one. When I see with more clarity I saw Harry and another girl cuddling on the couch while the boys were playing on the other. They turned around to look at me and I just froze, I didn't know what to do, if run away from my own apartment or stay and put a fake smile on my face.

"Hi, I'm Karen Harry's girlfriend..." She had her hand out waiting me to respond the compliment that I didn't took.

"Sorry I'm on pressure my mom is sick so see you guys later..." I said trying to put the most believeble smile on my face while I just literally ran away to Starbucks.

I was in just minutes in Starbucks. I asked for a capuchino. I just knew it or thought Harry would never go back and be the same asshole that he was, I was impacted. I was so into my thoughts or I should say feelings that I didn't realize Louis was in front of me looking me like if I was dying or something.

"What are you looking at?" I said very serious and took a sip of my drink.

"I'm looking at you because I'm worried about you, because I'm your best friend and you are my sister so stop the shit and talk to me, spit it out...and now Elena Vedfor" He said very serious with me and when he says my complete name we need to be scared.

"Ok!, I'm hurt and confused I just don't know what it's right or wrong, now..." I said touching my head stressed this was too much for me.

"I know it's hard but you need to try to make yourself well and I'll take care of that sweetie..." He said malevously.

"Ooh holy FUCKING damn shit! I shouldn't said anything..." I said knowing already his plans.

"We'll go and make Elena the real you and buy some clothes so get your ass up babe..." He said pulling my wrist and took me inside his car.

"Where are we going?" I said curious.

"Just wait and you'll see..."

Harry's POV

I just hurted her for a second time I will never forgive myself. I was confused I still love Elena but I too love Karen she is an amazing girl and always put a smile on my face. I never tried to play with Elena's feelings it just happened.

"What's wrong Hazza?" Karen asked me worried I gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

"I'm fine" I tried to smile.

"You know you can count on me..." She said touching my cheek.

"Hey, sorry for interrupting Harry we need to private..." Zayn said serious.

"See you later" I said kissing Karen on the cheek and headed to the kitchen.

"Not here follow me" He said pulling me to his bedroom.

"What's wrong bro?" I said worried.

"Paul found where your daughter is, what you are gonna do?" My heart, my world, my life it just...froze.

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