Lovely Liar (16+)

"If my death can save you then be it"
-Harry Styles

Written by iOnlyMakeDreams
Cover by TomlinsonStreet


11. Chapter 11

Harry's P.O.V.

I let her sleep with me. My feelings for her still there and I don't know how to control myself when I'm near her.

"Harry I.."

"Don't say it, it's ok" I said smiling at her.

"I need to" She ran to the bathroom and I heard threwing up.

"Elena are you ok?!" I yelled while running to the bathroom and stared at her. " You have high fever..." I said touching her forehead.

"I'm ok..." She said trying to get up but she grabbed my arm and frowned.

"What's happening to her?" Zayn looked at me worried and took her. "Elena! Listen to me, can you hear me?"

"Yes!, please don't let me fall asleep please..." She said crying it hurted me she didn't trust me anymore.

"No, I'm not gonna let you fall asleep..." He ran with her and put her under the tube of water. "Now look at me and tell me which my name is and how many fingers I have up in this hand..."

"Your name is Zayn and you have 3 fingers.." She put her hand on her mouth and started threwing up again but on herslef, this was making me nervous.

"Harry, get me something to try to help her, Now!"

"Zayn, I feel my head burning, help me!"

"I'm here to help you just breath in and out ok, sweetheart don't close the eyes!!don't close it! "She forced her eyes to stay open but then blood was falling down her nose.

"Please!, stop it!" She said crying trying to not feel the pain.

"I'm here love, I'm gonna help you, drink this, I promise it'll make you feel better" I said making her drink the water then she fell on the floor" He helped her to get up and guided her to to sit on the bed.

"Thank you...and sorry for make too much trouble" She said worried.

"You don't make trouble, we are here to help you, sweetie" Zayn stroking her again this was getting on my nerves, then he cleaned the blood away.

"Can you call Louis?, I need to talk with him" She said forcing a smile.

Lou's POV

Elena needs to talk with me and when she needs to do that is something bad.

"Hey Elle what is it?" I tried to act cool.

"Lou, I was pregnant..."

"You were what?!" I yelled in shock.

"Keep it down, but Joseph forced me to give it on abortion" She said crying.

"It was Harry's..."

"Yes, I am not sure but I think he left her alive, please don't tell anything to Harry I'm not ready for this..." She said worried.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna say anything and don't cry" I said hugging her.

"I just can't live with the fact that I let my baby die!" I just put her chin up and made her look at me.

"I'll help you find her"

"Find who?" Harry said angry. "My daughter!"

"Harry, I'm sorry!" She stuttered in shock.

"You BITCH!" He raised his hand while she looked at him dissapointed.

"Come on do it!" She cried out with anger

"Harry stop it!" I said holding his hand. "This is not the time neither the moment"

"Don't TOUCH me!" Harry screamed at me then I saw Elena ran away upset.

"Look what you did!, you can't resolve everything by screaming and punching everyone around" I said angry and followed her. "Elena! Come on sweetie..."

"He just tried to hurt me when he said he was not going to let anyone hurt me but he tried, I don't know WHY are you guys here but I'm having more problems..and I don't have the mind to work with this" She said touching her hair desperately.

"Let's drink a coffee and calm down.."

"He is winning my hate and I don't really want that"

Harry's P.O.V.

I heard her say she hated me I don't have the balls to look at her. She was pregnant and gave the baby in abortion. But Joseph I don't know who the hell is him but he forced her I'm gonna find him and I'm gonna KILL that son of BITCH. I walked downstairs angry not knowing where my anger was taking me.

"Harry where are you going?" Elena looked at me worried.

"I'm going to KILL that son of BITCH!" I said with disgust and held the door lock when she grabbed my jacket in desperation.

"Harry!, look at me I know that you are mad at me because I never explained to you WHY I left but If sometime in your life you loved me please don't give him what he wants, not for me, but for the daughter you once had, don't..." She pleaded.

"Ok..ok" Then I felt surprised by a big hug from her, she was crying on my shoulder "I'm sorry for calling you bitch I just didn't expected that and don't cry ok?" I said wiping the tears away from her face and fixed her wet her that was on her face.

"I'm sorry..." She said crying more I wiped away the tears and put my hands on her chin and made her look at me.

"You don't have to be sorry you had your reasons..." She was getting closer while looking directly onto her eyes, I could smell mint coming from her mouth but Louis cut us-

"Mmm...we need to think what we gonna do to find your daughter..."

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