Lovely Liar (16+)

"If my death can save you then be it"
-Harry Styles

Written by iOnlyMakeDreams
Cover by TomlinsonStreet


8. Chapter 08

Elena's P.O.V.

I was entering into my apartment very nervous.

'What do you think you are doing?' Joseph said appearing in front of me.

'I-I don't know what are you talking a-about' I said stuttering.

'No..., let me refresh your mind, Ed!' He said screaming and pushed me against a wall, I just whipered he was too strong I couldn't get out of his grip.

"Joseph please don't....please..." I said crying with fear of him.

"You looked for it now is the time baby..." He said touching my cheek strokimg my cheek so I turned my face.

"NO!!!" I cried out.

"Shut the fuck up!" I felt my cheek burning he just kept slapping hard on the cheek and took me by the hair pulling it while taking me to the kitchen.

"You look so cute like this..."

"You are sick!" I tried to run upstairs but I fell down.

"Elena!!wake up, SHIT!"

I saw him ran away. I just wish this was my end everything will be better, I took my phone in my hands and wrote something then everything black out.


sorry it was too short im writing through my phone i hope u liked it and if somebody read this please comment n vote c:

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