Lovely Liar (16+)

"If my death can save you then be it"
-Harry Styles

Written by iOnlyMakeDreams
Cover by TomlinsonStreet


6. Chapter 06

Elena's P.O.V.

When this gonna ends?, I'm tired of all this shit, this can not even be call 'Life', each day that pass I rather hate Harry Edwards Styles I just love him more and more. Joseph has my life or I mean he manages my life, all that is about me is like were his business. In other era we can say I'm his slave, I gotta do all he wants or my family, friends and of course Harry and the guys are totally screwed. And I promised myself from that day that he took away the most that once I loved with all my forces. That I'm not gonna let that my boys suffer because of me.

"Vedfor!, I told you to be ready before I come to take you to your new job!,fucking bitch..." Joseph muttered already frustrated like always.

"First, I have a name ok!, second, fucking bitch is your damn sluty mother and third, FUCK YOU!..." I shouted very angry staring with nastiness at him.

"Haha...little Elena, stop acting with a lot of trustfulness because that doesn't work with me..." he said smirking. "Today is your day so hurry up and get ready fast, we have 20 minutes, you have an interview of job, sweetie..."

"An interview of job?, everytime I get a new job I never had to do the interview of job,why I have to do it now?" I asked confused while I was trying to know the because of that inside my mind.

"Stop asking things with no sense and hurry up now!, what the hell I know!, just move your damn ass and hurry up, my patience is running out...Mrs.Vedfor?" He said smiling shamelessly, I looked at him in disgust and went to get ready then he turned serious and ridiculous.


"Well, when you finish call me..." Joseph said.

"Whatever you say..." I said walking towards my new job, seems like a cafeteria or a fast food, well let's see why or for who I gotta do the interview of job "Mmm...Good afternoon?" I said looking around.

"Hello!, where have you been?! crazy I've looking for you since we stopped seeing each other..."

"Alexandra! I know why I gotta do my interview of job!...I miss you sweetie, how are you doing, cupcake?" I said still a little surprised.

"Still the nickname, very well thanks to God and you?"

"Course! and Pretty Good..." I lied about my last words but I put a fake smile on my face tha she bought in seconds.

"Well, let me show you what you gonna do in this job. First, you only gotta take the orders and second always treat the customers with cordiality and with a smile on your face."

"That's all?"

"Yeah...very easy just have patience with the customers somes are very annoying but the customer always has the reason so try to follow what I said alright?" She said very proffesional and serious with her job.

"Ok, I have all clear like the water" I said very excited.

"This is Starbucks so we almost all the time are full, I need you to be fast but at the same time careful ok?"

"Ok, when I start?"

"Tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. neither before nor after be punctual" She said very serious while you looked astonished at her.

"Ok,see you tomorrow" I said while I walked out the place my cellphone began ringing in my pocket.

"Hello, my lovely Elle we are in trouble..."

"Lou?" I said confused.

"We need to talk, love " He said seemed very worried.

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