Lovely Liar (16+)

"If my death can save you then be it"
-Harry Styles

Written by iOnlyMakeDreams
Cover by TomlinsonStreet


3. Chapter 03

Lou's P.O.V.

I don't know what I have to do but if Harry finds out that I still in contact with Elle he probably will kill me. Neither he nor the boys knows about. She try to call me whenever she can. She always says that what she did wasn't on purpose, she said that she hopes that her Ed can forgive her but she never tell me why she left or for what. She always change the topic when I try to find out what happened for that she had to ran away from here, Harry did something to her?, who is behind all this?, everything has a because, why she can't explain it and that's it.

From that Elle left I don't know what's right or what's wrong. She begged me to not tell anyone that I still in contact with her, and I promised her to not tell anyone less Harry but both of them are my bestfriends and I feel like I'm betraying my kitten. But I promised it and I always keep my promises and this isn't the exception.

"Lou?" A hoarsely voice called behind my bedroom's door.

"Come in!" I said trying to not think of Elle and Harry's situation but here we are again.

"am I bothering you?" Harry said looking at me, his eyes were red, I think he was crying.

"Not at all, from what you wanna talk about? I said already knowing the situation.

"Lou...she already found someone and I'm here alone and suffering because of her fault why I never realized that she never cared for me...what I've done...WHAT?" he broke into tears, I just hugged him.

"We don't know why she left and she never told us, so let's stop judging her cause we don't know wich were the problems that made her go away from here...ok?" I said passively trying to reassure him.

"Ok...Lou" he said tired.

"Just take a nap while I make some hot chocolate alright?" I said with a smile trying to put another one on his face but I think it did not work " I'll be back ok?" he just nodded.

This has been a lot for him...


"Harry?" I said from the kitchen but he didn't answer.

"I think all the 'Elena Situation' has him very tired..." said Zayn while taking a sit at the dinning table.

"I guess..." I said taking a sit in front of him.

"We should make something"

"I always cook, what more you want?! Barney!" I said joking him.

"The first is the first, I'm not talking about kitchen, cook or any of that, I'm talking about go out with some random girls and forget about this damn problem for a moment just passing a great time, the thing is trying to get back the old Harry, he is really broke and down, we have to do something to return him into his normal mood!" he said really convinced.

"Your 'Resolve Problems' never is good less for Harry, you know how much he fought to stop being a whore man?! and you! not gonna return any old Harry, this is his real him we just have to give him some time for that he can recover again..." I said thinking of something much better to do.

"Why can we go on a trip of vacation?" I said almost sure of that it was good idea.

"We can go to Toronto, Ontario, Canada..." said Liam entering to the kitchen and joining Zayn's and I's conversation.

"Ontario?" I said with my eyes wide opens and a little nervous, "Holy shit!" I said mentally to myself.

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