Lovely Liar (16+)

"If my death can save you then be it"
-Harry Styles

Written by iOnlyMakeDreams
Cover by TomlinsonStreet


1. Chapter 01

Harry's P.O.V.

It was a sunny day. People walking down streets. There was a lot of noise because of the cars, seems like if everybody were going to lunch. That's what normal people should do but I'm not them, I have to wake up earlier, I have everything you could ask for, but there was something missing. She wasn't next to me anymore, I still love her and I'm gonna find her. Today was another day to pretend, that's what we the famous people should do if you don't want that all your privacy come as publicity for everyone. I do this for her, if she were here right now she will say: "Baby don't worry everything's gonna be fine we can go through this just have faith, God will help us... I love you Ed" but she's not, so I have to get through this alone without the love of my life.

"Harry? are you ok? " Louis said looking at me.

"No, I'm not ok Lou " I said tired of the situation.

"mmm...Niall needs to talk to you..."

"Well, then tell him that I'll go and talk with him in some minutes, let me change my clothes first alright?" I said already serious and my chin clenched.

"Ok, don't take too long little kitten" Lou said closing the door.

I changed of clothes fast and made the bed. I decided to leave the room and headed to Niall.

"From what was you wanna talk about Ni?" I said not thinking good of what he was about to tell me, when Niall needs to talk with me the most of the parts isn't good news and less if it's saying the worse from my girl.

"Harry, I told you this before, why you force me to remind you it again? She left you, she doesn't care what is happening with you right now, if she truly loves you she will never did what she did to you or you still not see it, Harry! open your fucking eyes, she abandoned you and you still love her?" he said angry and worried.

"STOP!, stop! everybody saying what I have to do with my life!I love her and I know she still loves me too, why everyone is against her?! if I'm wrong then I'm totally screwed but I'm not gonna give up until I hear it from her own mouth! Stop treating me like if I were I child! I'm not that Harry anymore I grew up! just leave me alone...." I said tired of fight for the same, I know they do it because they care for me and my reputation in my career , the paparazzis are crazy about what happened with our relationship but I don't care , I just need to take some fresh air and try to contact Paul I need to know if he found something about her.

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