Rose and Scorpius Twins

This is the Sequel to Is this love.

It will be about Rose and Scorpius Malfoy's life through Hogwarts.


3. the train

Roses POV

We were on the train we had just left the platform.James and Albus sat in the compartment with us so we all talked about Quidditch."My favorite team is the HolyHead Harpies"And then the boys all say"Chudley Cannons"And we all start laughing then the witch with the trolley comes I buy Cauldron cakes and chocolate frogs.The boys got the same as me but they also got licorice wands Merlin I hate licorice.We changed into our robes early and played a game of exploding snap and James won just as the castle comes into view."You'll catch flies"James says smirking.None of us had realized our mouths were hanging open.We all got our stuff from were we had put it and left the train and heard"Firs' years 'his way"So we left James and headed for a boat we all got one for us to share and started going over the black Lake I remember dad telling us Slytherin common room was under the lake.I shudder at the thought.

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