Rose and Scorpius Twins

This is the Sequel to Is this love.

It will be about Rose and Scorpius Malfoy's life through Hogwarts.


2. The Letters

Scorpius POV

Suddenly there was a knocking on the window and there to owls one was jet-black and the other a caramel color.We let them in and the caramel came to me and the black went to Rose we opened them at the same time.We were really happy until we got to the end were it said no brooms for first years.We were mad because we had both inherited our dad's talent for Quidditch.But we had also inherited our mums brains so she thinks we'll end up in Ravenclaw.Which we might or might not dad thinks we might end up in Slytherin but we all hope not.So anyways now we are in Ollivander's getting wands Roses' is a 10 inch oak with dragon heart string core.Mine is a 11 inch holly with unicorn hair core.So once we are done there we go meet up with mums friends Harry and Ginny and their kids James Albus and Lily.Then we go get robes and ice cream.Finally,we get the books that are required.Then we leave and gone home.We live in Grodrics Hollow.A few houses down from Harry and Ginny.We are always playing against their kids in Quidditch they are pretty good too.

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