What's it actually like waking up with amnesia




Hiya my name is Shannon and this is my first attempt at fan fiction so I hope you like it and sorry if it's bad xxxx

Luke and I were out at the skatepark near our house, we were sat on one of the park benches "I really love you, you do know that?" He asked in a slightly worried tone.

"Of course I know and you should know that I love you more than anything else in the world!"

"Yes I know but ashton has a huge crush on you and you need to promise me that you won't let that get between us?" He sounded scared like I was just about to get up an leave him.

"I promise" I said it like I meant it and I did, I really do love him.

"C'mon" he yelled from the highest ramp at the skate park.

"Okay, but I've never done a jump this high before" I know he could sense the worried tone in my voice.

"You'll be fine"

I leaned my skateboard over the edge and pushed down on the end as I few through the air, it was amazing but I was starting to lose balance.

The last thing I remembered was darkness.

I woke up to a bright light.

"Oh good your awake, I'm your doctor, call me Jessica!"

Jessica was a tall lady with short blonde hair.

"What happened?" "Where am I?" I questioned not remembering anything.

"You fell of your skateboard and have severe amnesia"

"Some of your friends and family are going to come in and tell you their relation to them and a little bit about them" her voice was reassuring so I nodded my head.

First my mother came and then my father and step-mother.

Next was a boy who had dark brown eyes and brown hair. "Hi, I'm Calum and were best friends" that's what he started with an that conversation went on for a while until it was the next person turn.

A quite tall boy walked in next he had bright pink hair and a green day top on. "Hi I'm Michael but you call me mikey, we've known each other since we were kids because are parent live next door to each other." "Okay I think I understand why we were friends!" I stated.

"And whys that?" He questioned.

"Because we have good taste in music" as you said it you look down to his shirt.

"Oh so you remember green day but you don't remember me!" He joked

"I guess so!" I giggled.

Now it was time for the next person another guy this time it was a handsome boy with muscly arms and dirty blond curly hair. "Hello" he said. His voice was kind and sweet. "Hello and what is your relation to me?" I asked. "Well sweetheart, I'm ashton and I'm your boyfriend!" He said calmly but I couldn't help notice the devious look in his eye. "Oh, well I can see why I chose you, you very handsome" I said with a slight giggle. "Why thank you" he giggled.

The last person was a stunning tall boy with blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes that I feel like I'm falling into whenever i look at them.

"Hello,I'm Luke your boyfriend!" He said with a smile.

"No your not, you can't be ashton is my boyfriend." I said slightly confused.

"Did he tell you that?" He said it with a tone of anger in his voice.

"Y-yes" I stuttered. And with that he ran out of the room.

The next morning I woke up I could remember everything it was amazing the doctors said that they had given me a tester pill and it worked! I sat up and realise that there was someone in the bed opposite mine, he looked familiar.

"ASHTON" I yelled waking him up. "What the hell happened?"

"It was Luke, after I told you I was your boyfriend he came after me and broke my nose" "I'm really sorry, I just thought that if I told you I was your boyfriend nobody would find out and you know I have a crush on you" I could tell his Apology was sincere by the way he said it.

"It's ok ash, I get it but I'm not going to be angry with Luke because he was only defending our relationship."

After I got out of hospital I went straight to mine and lukes house. As I opened the door I saw him sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands, as he looked up I could tell he'd been crying his eyes were red and puffy. I threw my bag down and ran over to him.

"It's ok Luke I know what Ashton did, it's all ok now"

With that he put is head on my shoulder and we slowly fell asleep.

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