The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


13. Wanna dance ?

It was 5:30 pm already. Time flew by really fast. It was soon going to be homecoming!!!! I quickly got up, packed my stuff and rushed home.

When I got home, there was a letter on the front steps with a rose on it. It was from Carl.

Will pick you up at 7:00! It said. I looked around for any sign of him peeping. I turned back, took the letter and the rose, and went inside. I put the rose in front of my vanity and it glistens. I quickly put on my leather mini dress, with my netted leggings on the bottom, grabbed my leather long gloves, and sat in front of my vanity. I put on my concealer, my dark lipstick, and started curling my hair. After 15 minutes, I went downstairs with my short curly hair bouncing from left to right. I got my black clutch, put on my knee length black high heeled boots and sat outside, waiting for Carl. Suddenly, he came up to me with a bouquet of roses and surprised me. He was in a smart suit with a bow tie and a red rose in his pocket. I received the bouquet gently and placed it on my lawn. We linked arms and I walked into his Mercedes, and we drove to the Grand Reptale, where homecoming' s held. We marched our way to the main hall and everything was perfection. There were candles lit on tables, lovely dangling lights, it was dark and everything white glowed. It was perfect. At the corner of my eye, I saw Elva and Clive holding hands. Ugh. Whatever. I walked over to Jad and hugged him. We talked for abit until Carl caught my hand, twirled me around, and asked me romantically, " Wanna dance ?"

I nodded gracefully and took his hand and slided onto the dance floor. It was splendid. I was having a great time. Until the silvers had to make up a dance battle. Oh? So they think I can't dance?? Well I'll show them. First they did a stupid sexy dance like touching their place where the sun doesn't shine. And then leaning onto the floor just to show the freaking world their boobies. I clicked my hands, and started dancing to 'just be mine ' by Cher llyod. I did all sorts and I even included my backhand spring, a forward somersault, and even showed of my flexibility. I finished off with a split. Everyone gasped and Carl was the first person to clap. And then everyone started clapping tremendously. Even Debra raised her hands to clap until Elva held it down. She turned away and walked towards the bar with her freaking posse.

After a few hours, Mr. Trevor came on stage to announce homecoming queen and king. He was wearing a smart tuxedo with a green bow tie and blue tie. He then spoke into the mic" thank u everybody for coming to this exciting event. I'll like to represent Carl Ivy and Viola Mozi for homecoming queen and king' ... I was relieved! As I barged through the crowd with Carl, I saw Elva whisper something to one of the person in charge and gave him 30 bucks. That person walked up onto the stage and whispered something to Mr. Trevor. " ah yes, there has been a mistake. I see umm.... Clive Patrickson and Elva Kelsie is this year's homecoming queen and king' my smile immediately turned upside down and me and Carl exchanged worried looks. Elva smirked at me and Clive and her went on stage. They wore the crowns, and Elva glanced at me and started kissing Clive for about 40 seconds. They stopped kissing and Elva smirked at me again. They bowed and walked off. I was mad as fuck. Carl too. He stormed over to Clive and grabbed him by the collar and threw him onto a table. Then, he started punching Clive, Clive picked up a fork from the table and started scratching Carl. I quickly walked over, grabbed the fork out of Clive's hands and threw it away. Carl stopped punching him and followed me. We went to my house and we went to my room. I used some ice to wet his scratches. There were really deep cuts.

I asked Carl " Why did u beat him up?"

" because they took ur place as queen"

" but it's ok. It doesn't matter"

" I saw your face you were mad. And I know u really wanted the crown "

" fuck that crown I just want to be happy"

" well then all I want is to make u happy."

There was a silence and he leaned in to kiss me.

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