The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


14. Theme park

A week past and my diary is filled with juicier information. I'm surprised The silvers hasn't made their move yet to crush me. Well, not that I want them to. I quickly put my hair into a high messy bun. I walked over to my closet to pick out my outfit. Today, me, Jad, Carl, and Steve are going to the theme park. It's going to be superb!! I picked out a black sleeveless crop top. I paired it with a red skirt and I had stockings to underneath. I had on my black lipstick because today I wanted to be known as the goth girlfriend. I went downstairs and slipped into my knee length black boots. I brought my owl sling bag and put my diary in it. I put in my skull purse too. I had my phone with me and went to the door for Steve to pick me up. Carl and Jad are already at the theme park. Over the week, me an Steve became close like how close me and Jad were. I went into his car and he drove me to 'Sinicisters' theme park.

Soon as we got the tickets, me and Steve went around to the cotton candy booth and bought a mega size cotton candy for the both of us to share. It was bigger than both of our heads together. We stuffed the cotton candy and suddenly, I felt his lips touch mine. I quickly shuffled away and stared at him. He was shocked too. He patted me on the shoulders and apologized because he didn't mean it intentionally. I nodded my head. I quickly ran to the bathroom and wrote about it in my diary.

After a few minutes, I walked out and saw Jad talking on the phone. He was yelling. " don't u dare talk to me that way u dumbass! I deserve better and u know that!" He yelled, sternly. I took a moment to realize he was talking to his brother, Kolf. Kolf has a sleek shape and broad shoulders. He's a bit more attractive than Jad. Me and Kolf was once involved in a modeling business together until he slept with the manager and our boss fired him. I couldn't find another partner with a figure as figurative as Kolf's, so I decided that I had to quit as well. Kolf used to date Keila. Until one day, the tables turned and well, Jad dates Keila now.

I walked over to him and decided to calm him. He hung up and smiled at me. ' come on, let's go find Carl and Steve" he grabbed me and we walked over back to the cotton candy booth. Jad explained to me that Kolf will like to have Keila back. And then Kolf accused Jad that was the one that made them breakup.

After we found Carl and Steve, we went to a ride called the Prix and Mix. We got thrown into a mixer that went round and round . I loved extreme rides but this isn't good enough. After the mixer, we went to many other rides. After a several hours, we decided to go eat dinner after entering the haunted house.

We stepped in and it was all dark and gloomy. There was a green light shining against a wall and a man in a hoodie sitting in front of it. Then, a creepy clown walked out with a mallet and smashed the man into pieces. Then, the clown came running towards us and we were about to flee when a cage dropped above us. We were trapped and the clown kept on pounding on the steel bars with his mallet. The 3 boys were screaming but I just kept on laughing. Then, the grim reaper came out of no where, with a chain saw and started sawing our cage. They were both laughing creepily, until a guy in a The hulk mascot came out. He punched the clown and the grim reaper with full strength and pretended to act strong as he lifts our cage. He instructed us to follow him so we did. We entered a room and there was blood and a knife lying on the floor. The hulk told us that he'll grab the knife for afterwards in a deep voice. As he walked over, a werewolf dashed out , knocking the hulk head over heels. They begin fighting and the hulk told us to run for the exit in an exaggerated tone. We ran to a door labeled 'exit' and we ran out. As we entered, there was a room where the lights flickered, and a man in a black hoodie with no face saying,' it's never the end.' He was tailing a wrecking ball in the floor behind him. A girl with her hair in front and white bloody dress came out too and started speaking. ' the haunt will taunt' Steve quickly made to the door. I bet he was frightened. Then we all followed him as we made our way to the real exit. We all started panting and then just laughed it off. We checked our picture and there was one with Steve screaming and one with me looking really confused. After that, we drove to a fancy looking diner in town.

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