The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


8. The skype call

At 12:00 we went home and I had three notifications on my skype. It was from Jad. He wanted to call me. I called him back and his video popped on the screen. I saw that he tried to add Carl and Steve to the call to make a group chat.

" seriously?" I said throwing my arms in the air.

" yeah " Jad replied

I frowned at him and smiled again when their videos popped up.

" hi" I said shyly

" hey beautiful " Carl spoke

" whatever " exclaimed Steve

" okay, let's play a game of Truth or Dare " Jad screamed

" okay! I truth or dare Viola?" Carl immediately asked me.

" truth " I said

" ok, will you go out with me for a date?" He asked desperately

" hmm.. Depends " I said

" alright, truth or dare Jad?" I asked

" umm.. Dare!" He shouted

" ok, I dare u to go downstairs and tell your sister that you ate a lizard and film her reaction " I said excitingly

" oh fine " he pouted.

Jad sent the video to me via skype and it was so super funny. At first, it shows that he's going downstairs and he greets his sister.

Then he pretends that he's chewing something and his sister asked what he was eating and Jad says he accidentally ate a lizard. Jad's sister is called Amanda. Amanda screams and she hurries over to Jad. " open your mouth!" Jad opens it and there was nothing he laughed and Amanda stormed off.

I was laughing my head off as well as Carl and Steve. Suddenly, a call was coming in and it was Clive.

" ugh why is he in the call?" I asked in disgust

" yeah who added him ?!" Steve added

" I didn't Jad exclaimed

" did u?!" I asked again in disgust

" no Clive has a hacking system stored in his laptop. He will be able to join a call without us even adding him ." Carl explained.

Ugh why does Clive even want to freaking join the call?

Clive's video suddenly popped up and he was waving at us. He apologized to me for leaving me and he realized that Elva was a scumbag. Then Carl exclaimed " too bad so sad not forgiven" and with that, he removed Carl from the group.

We chatted altogether for a few funny hours and as the time goes by, I realized it was already 5:00 pm. We finished all the homework already so I guess it'll be ok if I left the call. I told them that I needed to end the call.

Wow. Those were very nice long hours. I feel like me and Carl got a connection. But if I tell that to ANYONE, at all, the silvers will ruin my life for the rest of the school year. I need to keep it a secret. Instead, I wrote it down In my diary.

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