The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


1. The school's history

I can feel my pink highlights down my spine. I applied some mascara and dark red lipstick. I put on some bronzer to tone my cheekbones and put on my big dangling black earrings. I threw on a black laced crop top with my black leather jacket on top. I wore a black leather skirt with a belt to belt it in, and along with it, I pulled on some netted leggings underneath my skirt. I swung my bag onto my back and went downstairs with my phone. " Hi mom" I chuckled while preparing breakfast. " good morning darling. Glad to see you join us" she mumbled with some crackers in her mouth. Mom is beautiful for her age. She never wears makeup which gives her great complexion for her skin. Her hair is up in a bun and she's wearing a baggy shirt along with a long green skirt. Mom has light brown eyes like me. I guess that's where I got it from. My eyelashes are long like hers and we both have small lips. Mom really suits her name, Leslie. Sweet and gorgeous. " I'm going out with Amy and the girls today. We're going to the beach so I'll need u to go somewhere to spend your time because dad can't pick u up too." Mom replied beaming. " sure mom I'll stay over at Jad's house until you pick me up" I said putting on my knee length black boots. Mom nodded and I waved goodbye to her and left for my first day of school.

P.s I love goth style so I'll probably be wearing lost of things that are black but sometimes I'll wear some other colors too because I'm not pure goth.

You might think my first day of school would be magical and frantic and will be filled with first kisses and crushes but MY first day of school is filled with unpopularity, bullies, and haters. Last year, a popular girl gang called ' the silvers' ran the school. They wear pink and posh clothing all the time and high heels that go clanking and making noises every step they take. I don't even know why they call themselves the silvers when all they we're is pink. Well mostly it's pink. The bitchiest is always the one that stands in the middle, Elva Kelsie. The one on the left is Debra Jacobs. And on the right is Teresa Boulevard. Even the sound of their names send me shivers down my back. There's a few guys on campus that the silvers have a crush on. The names are Steve Baleyson, Clive Patrickson, and Carl Ivy. Elva has a huge thing for Carl but Carl has nothing for her. Instead, last year, Carl announced that he had a thing for me. It was the worst school year ever last year because once the silvers found out, they beat me down and bullied me left and right. For what? Coz they were freaking jealous. I don't even think that the silvers are ever pretty. They just wear a whole lot of makeup and all the guys on campus thinks they're hot. There was once Elva forgot to apply makeup on herself because she was too busy picking her outfit and when she came to school no one recognized her. No offense or whatsoever, SHE'S NOT PRETTY!!!!! Anyways, when I was getting bullied last year, Jad was the only one that helped me out instead of laughing at me. He confronted the silvers and we became best friends.

Enough about history, let's start this school year fresh.

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